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    December 18, 2010

    I am a mom - a multi-tasker, a boo boo kisser, a dog feeder, a cat litter box scooper, a public transportation mom bus......and with that it is hard to get motivated to exercise.

    Then I discovered the Jammy Pack, and I be jammin now! This is a really cool item. It is basically a fanny pack with little speakers in it. You pop in your Ipod (or other music device) and connect the built in speakers and away you go. I really like to hear music when I work out but ear phones are not practical for me right now. If I have the kids with me - I am pushing the stroller and playing referee to "I want snacks" "I want to get out and walk" and screaming "Don't touch your sister" - so the earphone, while they might drown out the noise - are not an option. If I (heaven forbid) and exercising alone - I just don't want to be a target.....a target for someone with bad intentions, a target for a biker going to fast on the trails and I don't hear him, a target for that "nice" dog that decided to run from his owner and trip me.....and so on. Earphones keep me from being alert and safe.

    So I was so excited to find out a product like this existed. It was really easy to put together and while a little bulky - it was comfortable. I could also loop it around the stroller. As an added bonus - It actually HELPED my kids. They LOVED hearing music and they were not as border and did not pick on each other in the stroller as much. I actually got to exercise with them in the stroller instead of stopping to scream at someone to share the goldfish and stopping stealing the other's baby doll.

    You do need batteries and it does have a volume control - which is great so you are not totally obnoxious. They come in black, pink and other cool colors like camo.

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