Microsoft Life Chat LX-3000 Stereo Headset Reviews

Average Price:  $49.95


This comfortable, high-quality stereo headset gives you the simplicity of USB installation and high-quality digital sound that cannot be matched by analog. Hold clear, private Internet voice calls, enjoy music and movies, and become fully immersed in your games.LIFECHAT LX-3000 WIN USB PORT EN/XC/XD/ES AMER HDWR Windows Live Call Button It's simple to start video calls. One touch of the Windows Live Call Button lets you see who's online, and you're on your way to making a video call. Easy Audio Switching Automatically switch from music to your audio call. Simply press the Windows Live Call Button when someone calls you, and your music automatically pauses. Free Worldwide Internet Calling to Your Online Contacts Call your online contacts anywhere in the world—absolutely free. Optimized for Windows Live Messenger Seamlessly integrated with Windows Live Messenger for easy setup and use.

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