Organic Greenie Baby Calming Lotion with Roman Chamomile - Pabaren Free! Reviews


Lovingly calm your baby's precious, delicate skin with the non-greasy moisture of our Calming Baby Lotion with soothing, natural ingredients such as Roman chamomile. For over 2,000 years Roman chamomile has been used throughout Europe for the mind and body. Roman Chamomile oil is calming and can help relieve stress to quiet the mind and quiet the body. It is also an anti-inflammatory and can aid with encema. This holistic formula includes botanicals like coconut oil to capture moisture and protect your baby's new, sensitive skin. We use gentle natural ingredients to ensure your baby is using mild, pure ingredients. The Greenie Baby Calming Lotion is carefully blended with grapeseed oil and coconut oil, not mineral oil which is used often in some baby products. Very lightly scented with soothing chamomile, this lotion is wonderful to use just before baby's nap time!

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