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Piddly Winx Cloth Diapers Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    January 24, 2018

    Love the patterns and price

    Amazing price and quality and they come in amazing prints to boot. I love my microfiber shells with bamboo inserts. I find the bamboo shells retain the smell more and are scratchier if they are hung to dry. I found they didn't fit nearly as well on my newborn as my softbums, so I would say they would work great from about 6 months on. These are my go to for my toddler if I don't want her taking her diaper off! I do find I get pee leaks occasionally but I've never had poo leaks! If you love pocket diapers, then I highly recommend these as an affordable option that work well and are sold by a place with great customer service and customizability in orders.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 27, 2014

    Hey guys!

    You're all going to meet my "Chicky" today! This little model here is going to show you the Piddly Winx cloth diaper, with the overnight bamboo, hybrid soaker- and she's a cutiepie!

    Now, all Mama bias aside, I know she is adorable. If you think she's utterly squeezable at this point, you should see her when she's actually happy and being a ham for the camera! On this particular day, however, she kept turning to me, modelling the diaper like a pro, turning away and crying sadly over being used for her good looks. Woes of women, everywhere- you tell it, sister!

    She really did turn away and cry for a second in between turning back and showing off. I think it was because I giggled over how big her bum looks in this adorable "diapey", as my toddler calls them, that I was sent to review. Again, the woes of women everywhere. The bodacious booty choir sings in my area, definitely, only I do not have overnight padding to use as my excuse.

    Now that Chickie is striking a pose again, look at her bitty bum (sorry sweetheart, these photos will be used at your wedding).
    This diaper is from the Piddly Winx collection, which I believe is an excellent company for first-time cloth users. Within your order, you will get a complete list of instructions, as all cloth needs to be prepped before first use. Basically, you soak your inserts until they prove absorbent, soak the cover in a vinegar and water combo to prevent colour bleed and then you wash all of them in your regular laundry cycle. The instructions provided give you a breakdown of steps, as well as reasoning behind them, and then a couple of tidbits of useful knowledge on top. If you are just starting out, it can be a very daunting pool to jump into and I believe the included paperwork would be very helpful.

    That fun monkey pattern can be found on the Piddy Winx website here and comes with a variety of insert options. The little "Pink Monkey Love" diaper will run you $13 with the standard, 3 layer soaker and I find that competitively priced where other cloth diaper creators are concerned. An excellent perk to ordering with Piddly Winx would be their willingness to "give back", so to speak. On the website, to quote directly, they have an appreciation package for anyone who chooses to refer a customer to their site;

    Tell your friend to mention your first and last name when ordering (ask them place a note on Paypal if it is an online order, or send us an email). Once the order is placed, we will send you an email, letting you know that one of your friends placed an order. You can choose one of the following rewards options:

    1) 5% cash-back, payable by either cheque or Paypal.

    2) 10% of your friend’s purchase in the form of a giftcard towards any Piddly-Winx product or bundle package."

    I though that was fantastic! Considering how many mothers share word-of-mouth advice with others (I cloth diaper directly as a result of another mother's crash course on the subject), this could lead to serious savings for some ladies! If you order, be sure to give a shout out to yours truly please ;)

    As you can see from the photos, it fits just the same as any other diaper (cloth or disposable) but it adjusts to accommodate any weight from 6-35lbs. This means that my baby girl will be able to sport the monkeys for longer, at one third of the cost each change in comparison to the store bought brands. Hello savings!
    Now, I've tried the polyester diaper and the bigger insert that you see in the photos is a bamboo and cotton combo. What I appreciate about Piddly Winx is their variety where patterns, colours and soaker options were concerned. They offer pocket diapers and this means that you stuff the insert inside the diaper itself, as well as unstuff at wash time. This also means that you can double up on inserts but I think the overnight soaker is the way to go! I had NO leaks whatsoever, after hours and hours of wear, and I can not say the same for every other day this week. This little peanut is a big eater and, subsequently, a big leaker more often than not so I typically have to add in extra inserts or face the damp consequences. The soaker within this diaper is the Piddly Winx 5 layer overnight, which includes a blend of 40% microfibre and 60% bamboo- and I highly recommend it.

    For any of my readers, Angela from Piddly Winx has created the coupon code DOMDISHFAM5, valid until Dec 31, 2014! It will give anyone an additional 5% off any order and all products, including gift cards and bundles! There is an existing coupon code PWSUMMER14 and that takes 10% off of non-bundles until June 30th so you have some options and choices. Obviously, if you are a bundle buyer or just want a gift card then the Domestic Dish coupon works out better.

    Have a great diapering day Mamas!

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