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    June 13, 2016

    This set of three power outlet sockets is very useful for those of us who try to reduce the amount of standby electricity our devices use. Things like a TV or a computer consume electricity while plugged in, even if turned off, but these devices allow you to turn off the socket remotely and save that extra bit or energy (and money on your bills).

    They come ready to go out of the box and they're extremely easy to set up. They are labelled (1/2/3) and have a small light on the top that lights up when they're turned on, so you don't forget to turn them off. The remote they come with has a good range and worked from anywhere in the room when I was trying out how far it could function, though it didn't work when in another room entirely.

    The only downside to these outlets is that they come with just one remote, so you need to bring that from room to room if you have these plugged in around the house. A second remote would have been nice, though it's no dealbreaker. An issue that I personally had was that my outlets contained a labelling mistake. My #3 outlet was number as #1, meaning that I received a 1, a 2 and a 1 outlet instead of the 1/2/3 as designed. They still work, but customer service never responded to me, and remembering which one is actually #3 is annoying. If they do get back to me at some point I will update this review and my score.

    Anyone with reduced mobility or who wants to be able to turn off a device via remote that doesn't come with one will really appreciate this product. It's a great little tool that can help you save money and electricity!

    Protip: Use these to switch off extra lighting/lamps in your house without having to press all the lamp switches manually, so much handier!

    + Allows you to turn devices off by remote that normally would not have one
    + Clearly labelled and pack of 3 allows you to set them up anywhere you need
    + Save money in energy costs by reducing standby electricity being used up
    + Helpful for anyone with reduced mobility

    - Set I received had a small flaw and customer service never responded
    - Only one remote forces you to bring it from room to room to shut off devices

    Note: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased, honest review as provided here. As a consumer advocate, I believe in providing quality and honest feedback and receiving a product at a discounted rate will never affect my opinions.

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