Take in Case EpiPen Carrier (Regular/Navy) Reviews

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TAKE IN CASE™ presents a solution for carrying an EpiPen® Auto-Injector when it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. It is precisely those times when you are on the go - that you are at the greatest risk of needing it most.

TAKE IN CASE™ increases preparedness by making it easy to always have this essential medication on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Take in Case™:

How does the sizing work?
On average, adults should order a Large if they plan to wear it on their leg (shin or thigh) The small will fit youths and women, especially if they plan to wear Take In Case™ on their upper arm.

How do I wear Take in Case™ correctly?
Do not remove the EpiPens® from their protective cases and please refer to all manufacturer's warnings and instructions. Pull Take in Case™ onto your leg or arm and then insert one pen top up and one pen top down. Make sure that both pocket flaps are securely closed over the pens so that the cases are not exposed.

How do I wash Take In Case™?
For best results, Take in Case™ should be hand washed with mild soap and air dried.

Who should buy Take In Case™?
Everyone who lives with severe allergies and/or their caregivers.

Wearable sleeve - like case with pockets specifically designed for EpiPen® Auto Injectors. The pockets have two interior flaps designed to be pulled securely over the EpiPens® so that they are not exposed.


On the shin, thigh, upper arm etc.

There is no cure for severe allergies. Anaphylaxis can be sudden and life-threatening.

Slip onto leg or upper arm; secure EpiPen® by pulling interior pocket flap completely over pen

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