The First Years Compass Adjustable Folding Booster, True Blue Reviews

Average Price:  $49.49


Compass Folding, Adjustable Booster The Compass Folding, Adjustable Booster is a much improved booster seat. It is adjustable, folding and still provides comfort. Some of the new features on this booster compared to other Compass includes a larger headrest and exclusive state of the art side impact protection. With new features and styles, the B505 booster car seat from Compass is going to be a hit across the States. Side impact protection is essential to car seats, as many accidents occur from the side. The larger seating area combined with an EPS lined headrest brings both comfort and safety to the forefront. The Compass Folding, Adjustable Booster has a simple folding action to help make it one of the top booster car seats around.

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