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Titroba wake up light Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 17, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Pretty good, lots of features

    This clock has a million features, to the degree that it’s a little overwhelming. Luckily the manual is very clear (take it one section at a time and actually do each thing, this will help you understand) and after a few nights of use I could activate most things without referencing it. If it seems overly complicated, it’s only because they offer so much.

    You can have radio, coloured lights, regular lights, use it as a lamp, two different alarm clocks and set a timed ‘sleep’ schedule of said lights or radio or even sleep sounds. Each thing comes with multiple options, such as volume, tone, time, etc. I didn’t find it too difficult to learn, but I really do think you need to follow the manual and take your time learning each function. That being said, if there are functions you’d never use, you can feel free to ignore them.

    I can’t say if the light function helps you wake up easier or feel more rested, since I suffer from a severe sleep disorder. As a result, I have not been able to sleep until the alarm more than once, despite testing it for a bit now. The first time I was able to sleep until the alarm, I found the light too bright, so I’d play around with the options until you find what’s right for you. For example, I originally started on half brightness an hour before waking and woke up with this light. If you’re sensitive to light, like I am, start lower than that and closer to waking time until you adjust.

    I do like the design of the clock, it looks modern and cool. Though it’s quite large for a clock, since it can also be used as a lamp, the size makes sense. In fact, if you take advantage of all the features of this, you can remove a charger, lamp and clock from your bedside, combining three into one. That’s a great spacesaver.

    I only had two main problems with this clock. The first is that, for those sensitive to light, it’s difficult to have a functioning alarm clock. There are three brightnesses for the clock feature, bright, dim and no clock. Unfortunately, I did find dim to be too bright when the light is out (I prefer a fully dark room). While I do like that you can set it to no-clock, there’s no easy way to check the time. The button for turning the clock back on is difficult to find in the dark when you are sleepy. I really wish they had added a big/obvious button that you can press to ‘flash’ the time, so when you wake up you can see what time it is without going through the whole cycle of bright, dim and off again.

    Secondly, this clock would not be suitable for those, like my partner, who need extra help waking up. After 15 minutes of no touch, this alarm clock turns itself off, so if you sleep through alarm clocks, it won’t be right for you.

    Other than that, I think it’s a good option for the price ($43.98 at time of review). It does so much and yes, that does mean it takes a couple of nights (and a good reading of the manual) to understand all the functions and buttons, but it also means you get more value for your money. I would give this a chance after first receiving it, it might take a few nights to get the ideal settings for you, but it delivers on what it promises in terms of features.

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