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TurnRaise Heavy Duty Pet Dog Hair Trimmer Clipper Animal Electric Cat Grooming Hair Cutter Shaver Razor w/ Comb Brush Reviews

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    June 07, 2016

    I tried to trim one of my cat's fur once without a special pair of trimmers, and it was a nightmare. He wiggled, tried to bite and it barely seemed to cut his fluffy fur. When I got the chance to test out this TurnRaise pet hair trimmer I was unsure of how much better it might be, but when I actually used it on my cat I was shocked by just how easily it trimmed his hair down. It cut right through his thick fur like it was nothing, and I was able to trim him down with very little effort and in record time. He was still alarmed and jumped down after a minute, but due to the cutting speed and quality, I've managed to take off quite a bit of the problem fur area (his 'britches' where poop can get stuck if you don't keep them short')

    The speed at which these trimmers cut pet fur is really impressive. It comes with a variety of clipper combos and attachments so you can adjust the length of the cut, and because of how it's designed you can even trim fur without any clipper attachment and there's no risk of hurting your pet. Personally I was very concerned about accidentally hurting my cat when trimming his fur (he likes to wriggle when being trimmed) but these did the job without any pain at all.

    The trimmers come with a power cord that is 10 feet long, which is a huge bonus for those of us who aren't giving their pets a shave right next to a power outlet. I was able to reach across my kitchen and trim my cat's fur where he felt comfortable, rather than having to do it on the counter next to the only outlet in the room. Since this is a wired only clipper, having the long cord was extremely helpful.

    The only downside I have is the noise level, simply because these trimmers are louder than non-pet trimmers I've tried and I was surprised by it at first. In the end I got used to it, but it was something I would have preferred to change if I could, though I'm not sure if the noise could be any quieter, given how good of a trim they give.

    Protip: Don't be confused by the battery section on the back, it cannot take a battery but the chamber is designed to help heat dissipate, so you can safely ignore it!

    + Cuts through pet hair very easily
    + Long power cord
    + Easy to adjust, comes with various lengths of clippers
    + Works for all kinds of pet fur
    + Won't hurt your animal or nick them

    - Louder than I expected.


    Recommended: Yes!

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