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Body Oil Reviews

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NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Oil

979 reviews

Je trouve qu'il ne fait rien. J'ai des vergetures mais peut être les miennes ne sont plus traitable mais peut-être que pour d'autres personnes ça fonctionne. Je les avais recu par la poste de la compagnie. Mais C'est pas des produits miracles non plus.

700 reviews

Been using this product for about 3-4 years and I can’t tell you how much I love it! This oil is seriously like magic the way it gets rid of flaws on skin is unbelievable!!! Seriously it works like magic plus leaving your skin feeling so moist! Only thing is I would complain...
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Oil Mist

417 reviews

This best moisturizer available in without scent and with scent. And another thing its better for sensitive skin. I love all avenno products. 😍🥰😘❤😍
Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil

171 reviews

I recently received this Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil to try out in exchange for my honest review. I think this oil is great to use after waxing with Parissa's Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips to help prevent in-grown hairs! My skin felt very soft and hydrated when I applied this after...
Curél Deep Moisture Spray

71 reviews

curel deep moisturiser spray is one of the best moisturisers I have used. The fine spray coats skin well and is so cooling. It aids the application of foundation leaving a very natural look. Definitely a 10/10 for this product 😍
Atlas serum

1 review

Un sérum pour le corps fait entièrement d'ingrédients naturels comme la rose etc . Instantanément en appliquant une petite gouttelette de ce sérum et votre peau est très hydratée . Le sérum pénètre très rapidement dans la peau et j'adore le léger parfum de ce...
Equate baby oil

1 review

I’ve been using equate’s hypoallergenic baby oil for years. As someone with dry skin and eczema this baby oil adds a nice layer of moisture after a shower. Just apply the baby oil onto skin, dab it off, not rub it off with a towel, then proceed to lotion your skin and...
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula® Skin Therapy Oil Rosehip

1 review

I purchased this body oil because of the great reviews. Most of the time I use oils instead of body lotions and creams. It has very nice scent, not messy, hydrated the skin and made it look more even and healthy. I really like this product.

1 review

I got this item as a sample in a gift package and thought it was worth trying, I was not disappointed. Not only does it leave my skin soft and smooth it has no scent and is easily absorbed. My skin does not feel oily after use and it does not take a long time to be able to get...
BioOil Specialist Skincare Stretch Mark Oil

1 review

I have stretch marks and scars and decided to try this BioOil product. I am happy with the results. My skin felt hydrated after I used it and after a period of time my scars and stretch mark began to fade. It does take over a month of using this product consistently to see...
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

2 reviews

I bought it a couple years ago and still buying today. I use it for my body and sometimes my hair. My skin looks so hydrated clean and silky smooth. I really recommend it for any types of skin it just is amazing.
Bio Oil Dry Skin gel pot

13 reviews

I love this pot of miracle gel. It seems to be excellent at preventing stretch marks and soften the ones I already have.. It makes the skin lovely and soft.
Pür Iconic Glow Illuminating Face & Body Dry Oil

1 review

I received this body oil in a beauty box and have never tried something like it before. Other than probably using too much product in all the wrong places, it was the smell that did me in. I'm not sure how to place it, but it's all I could smell the rest of the day. I'll...
Avon skin so soft dry oil spray

1 review

I can't recommend this product enough! Its my go to oil after showering spraying it all over leaves my skin feeling so soft! Its not tacky, sticky or doesn't take forever to soak into the skin. It repels the mosquitos too which is fantastic for holidays and even my husband when...
Jo malone oud and rose oil

1 review

I had the Jo Malone Oud and Rose body oil in a spray bought for me at Christmas. The smell is absolute exquisite and the fine oil makes your skin feel so nice , I love it so much I intend to get the perfume .
J.R. Watkins Coconut Milk & Honey Body Oil Mist

1 review

I don't know what you ladies use this stuff for; but for years I have been searching for something to use on my pubic area after I shave because i get hands down the worst razor burns and bumps out of everyone i know and they're beyond painful. I found this stuff around...
Pura d'or Coconut Oil

1 review

I've been using this coconut oil to moisture my baby's body and I also apply it on my face and on my hair as a night mask. Easily absorbed by the skin which leaves a nice feeling and non sticky skin.
Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

1 review

I was bought this for Christmas by a friend and I absolutely love it. It can be used on hair and body but I’ve mainly used it as a skin treatment once a week as part of pampering. It’s also been brilliant to use on my stretch marks.
bath and body works moisturizing body oil

1 review

I use the Body oil as a massage oil I also add some drops to my hand sanitizer. It prevents dryness on skin if you use sanitizer frequently. The scent is very uplifting. The tea tree oil is also good for hand sanitizer but I have not tried it
Aveda Patchouli Essential Oil+Base

1 review

I noticed a colleague at work was wearing a scent and we are normally a scent-free workplace. I asked her what it was because it was so soft and mellow, almost calming. She told me about this essential oil that she wears, which is not a perfume but an essential oil mixed with...