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Hair Accessories Reviews

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Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

533 reviews

The best hair elastics out there. I have really thick hair and a lot of it, so I need good quality elastics that won't break and hold my hair up...goody does that for me. They are pretty expensive for elastics but they are so worth it. I've never had a goody elastic break on me...
invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE

16 reviews

It is a quality product. No doubt. But expect to pay X2 the price of a Madammoselle scrunchie. I love these hair ties. They hold my fine hair as well as they hold my sister's long thick wavy hair.
Madammoselle M-Size High Strength Nylon Hair Ties

8 reviews

A set of this will definitely be inside my toiletry bag. I’ve had a problem with regular hair ties stretching and these don’t seem to stretch out. I have thick hair and regular ponytail holders generally break when I try using them. These are more durable but also hold my...
Madammoselle Velvet Scrunchies

18 reviews

I bought it from the Madammoselle Shopee page. After years of elastics and using those spiral plastic hair ties - I’ve thrown them all away and now solely use these silk hair ties. They still hold my hair up just as well and I never hear that breaking sound when you pull out...
Madammoselle Spiral Metal Hair Band

16 reviews

My hair in front will easily come out if I use a thin headband when washing face in morning and night. But, they will very easy to break if I use a thick headband. This is best one I found till now.
Madammoselle Black Series Fluffy Mashed Hair Ties

9 reviews

If you have problems with hair ties slipping out of your head or loosens throughout the day, this is your solution! This hair tie is not moving anywhere unless you want it to. The best part is the material is like some type of rubber so it’s all one piece so there is no glue...
Madammoselle Mini Crab Hair Claws

15 reviews

One of my habitual buying product by Madammoselle. Bought them for my mom who has quite thick & curly hair. She loves these, says she uses them almost every day. There is a constant battle between her and the cats who love to knock them off tables and bat them around. Would...
Madammoselle Beaded High Strength Nylon Elastics

14 reviews

When we workout, we want to look our best. That means no attire discomfort & no hair coming down. This high strength nylon made hair ties by Madammoselle is the only brand of hair accs that suits me apart from Scunci.
Madammoselle Women's Pure Rubber Elastics

14 reviews

I have a TON of hair, but it's very fine, so even "no-pull" elastics (of all types, sizes, and brands) tend to pull it out. I had low expectations that these would be any different. Not only do these not pull, but they are comfortable af and don't pull on my scalp so tightly as...
Madammoselle Kid's 100%Pure Rubber Hair Elastics

13 reviews

I bought this for my my daughter for schooling. Both of us loved it that I have decided to buy one for my self too! It comes, well at least 50 pieces in a bright & vibrant packaging. Very cute.
The Madammoselle Black Series 100% Rubber Hair Bobbles

4 reviews

Madammoselle's rubber made hair ties are pricey, but not as pricey as Invisibobbles. In terms of durabilty, stretchiness, both are equally good. It's tough to point out which is the better one.
Madammoselle Kids Mini Love Shaped Hair Claws

13 reviews

For the price this is great, I got 15 clips but one of them did come apart in the bag during shipping. The clips are only held together by a unsecured pin that slides out easily, but that's kinda expected with the cost.
Madammoselle Mermaid Headband

6 reviews

This is so adorable. My little one loved it. Madammoselle is no stranger to fancy & trendy children accessories. We got this for our Barbie party for my little girl and she loved them .
Madammoselle Kid's Solid Black Hair Clips

13 reviews

This product is solidly built. But in terms of its size, its suitable for moderated hair, not girls with thick hair type. Buy it only if your girls has not too thick hair.
Madammoselle Kids Mini Crab Claws

10 reviews

These colorful baby claws are so beautiful and looks and feels so strong and excellent quality. I had to buy them over & over again because my daughter losses them too often yet demands for more.
Feel Me Microfibre Hair Band

1 review

I bought The Bath Collection Hair Band drom Dollarama for $3 + tax. It claims to be easy to clean, super soft and durable. It does all three plus it is cute and stylish. I use it after a shower and when I am cleansing my face and applying my makeup. Its great love the cute...
Kristen ess pearl slide

1 review

This is a super cute pearl slide that slide onto your hair elastic for a cute small but chic hair look. It is $8 on the Kristen Ess website but it’s currently out of stock I can see why it’s nice and chic and seems like good quality.
Amazon Clip in Claw w. Jaw Ponytail Extension Long (Blonde)

1 review

I was not crazy about this product but honestly you can't expect much when you pau $15.OO for hair extensions of ANY sort. For fifteen bucks this clip was rather decent. It was really thick but I had a hard time hiding the clip as the hair on the top of it tends to split to the...
Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies

1 review

I received these in a beauty box as an add on. I’m always looking for Scrunchies, as I often lose them. These sounded like a Great idea since sometimes I do fall asleep with them in my hair. I got them in a pretty blush pink to add some color. They are super light and...
Goody Mini Hair Claws

1 review

I absolutely love these mini claws I always find it hard to find one that'll stay in place when I'm working out and this done the job! I Although some are a little expensive, they are worth every penny you spend.