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Cheese Reviews

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Arla Fromage à la Crème Biologique

2 reviews

This is hands down the most creamy cheese out there. On crackers, toast just an amazing spread! All the variations are delicious but this organic one is the bomb.
Cracker Barrel Cheese Slices

26 reviews

I like the taste, texture and convenience. As I have chronic pain in my arms and hands I find this product easier than brick cheese. Very convenient
Gay Lea Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese in Blueberry Açai

6 reviews

This is a great product it has lots of protein and flavour my husband is not a big yogurt guy. But loves smoothies so bam 💥 solution. I love how creamy it is, and so does my 3 year old
Havarti cheese- herbs and spices

1 review

This cheese is very versatile-in the ways it can be used. Very tasty, smooth in texture, not over-powering with the spices. A definite favorite. Good by itself or with fruits or veggies.
Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks

2 reviews

I discovered these at Costco in the summer, bought one pack then and have since bought more. I try to take a very early morning walk and like to carry a little energy snack and these fit the bill nicely. There are also nice for an evening snack, rather than chips or popcorn
The Laughing Cow Original

23 reviews

ok, my little one is obsessed with this cheese. It is such an efficient way to meet the dairy requirement of her diet. I love the individual triangle packaging as it makes it so much quicker to serve. And my husband tends to sneak a portion or 2. I mean, it could be cheaper, but...
Boursin apple& maple cheese

1 review

I got this because Checkout 51 had a deal on it and I thought I would give it a try. It has little bits of dried apple and a very light maple taste. I really like it. I usually have it with crackers but it's good with fruit too, especially apples or pears.
Sargento Sunrise Balanced Breaks

1 review

These are so good! I purchase them in a value pack of 6. They taste great, and have a great variety. You have your dairy, grain, and fruit in them (sort of ha ha). They are perfect for morning breakfast/daytime snack. I love the blueberry infused cranberries. I bring them to...
galbani mozzarella

1 review

I buy this cheese on a regular basis. I first bought it because it was on sale and thought I'd see what it was like. It's very versatile - not all mozzarella is. It melts and browns nicely in the oven, it's excellent served as an appetizer with basil and olive oil or even on...
President spreadable Brie cheese

3 reviews

I decide to try this product (for some reason) as I LOVE brie cheese, so I thought a spreadable type would be a unique take. I was disappointing, however, as it didn't actually taste like brie, nor did it melt like a divine and creamy brie does. It also didn't pair well with...
Cabot garlic & herb cheese

2 reviews

This garlic dill cheese is amazing in its own right! It’s is delicious on eggs, with crackers, on its own, or in a grilled cheese! It is a must try!!! Seriously. You won’t regret it
Cabot habanero cheese

2 reviews

I was so sad when I thought Cabot cheese stopped producing their habanero cheese. When I found it in the specialty section, rebranded, I might have literally done a little happy dance If love spice , this habanero cheese is a must try!!! Seriously. You won’t regret it
Mini Babybel Light Cheese

37 reviews

Perfect for snacking! I eat this alone or paired with crackers. I also slice into chunks on top of my salads! Creamy and delicious!! My cat also loves it, but she only gets one small piece 🙂
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mini

1 review

I used to buy big tubs of cheese spread. But more often than not, after a few days of opening it and putting it in the fridge, I get molds. And I hate it. I hate to waste food. So when I saw minis in the supermarket (they come in packs of 4), I thought it would help me solve my...
lögo Nanö Mozzarella Cheese

1 review

This is by far the best snack sized cheese out there. The price is reasonable, and the taste and texture is amazing. It blows everything else out of the water. I absolutely love it.
Boar's Head Smoked Gouda

2 reviews

I really liked this. It had such a lovely flavour- very delicate - but really delicious. Was really nice with some Jacobs crackers and some tomato plum jam from Asda
Kraft Cheez Whiz Cheese Spread

51 reviews

I love Kraft cheese whiz. I grew up on this. It has never changed it's taste or texture. It is the best out there. Now my son has started to love it as much as I do
Mozzarella Style Deluxe Cheeze Sticks

1 review

Wow!! I really expected highly of this product. Daiya was releasing new formula's of their shredded dairy free cheese. I did not like the texture of the cheese sticks. It was stiff, but I liked the taste.
Philadelphia whipped cream cheese chive

15 reviews

I usually get the spreadable kind for my bagels but saw this and decided to test it out. The whipped texture is lighter, and also very spreadable. I still prefer the spreadable kind because I think the flavour is stronger.
Baby Bell Gouda

1 review

Two or three Baby Bells satisfy you for a snack or lunch! This round piece of cheese fills you right up. The wrapper is unique and very easy to open and it is very nutritious!