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Chocolate Reviews

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Time out chocolate

1 review

I love time out wafer chocolate. I buy these from asda for one pound. They qre very tasty. You get like five in the multi pack. Great snack and so crispy and lovely.
Cadbury Oreo Creme Egg

27 reviews

This is my favourite cadbury creme egg. It's tasty and easily satisfies my sweet tooth cravings! Not a bad price - similar to that of a chocolate bar.
Lindt mini praline

2 reviews

I love Lindt products so I was excited to receive the Lindt Mini Pralines as a gift. I received the box that you see in the pic, which contains a variety of bite-sized treats, about half the size of the normal Lindt chocolates. There's a wonderful assortment of milk, white and...
Kit Kat Ruby Cocoa

9 reviews

Maybe this just wasn’t for me, but it tasted off. The ruby cocoa tasted like a fake strawberry to me. It was the oddest flavour. It wasn’t really sweet like regular milk or white chocolate is, not as bitter as dark chocolate. I personally wouldn’t buy this again. The only...
Dairy milk fruit & nut

25 reviews

This is my most favourite chocolate bar ever!! The extremely creamy and smooth chocolate mixed with the perfect amount of nuts and dried fruit, is to die for!
Nestle L'Atelier Chocolate

5 reviews

I was given this chocolate bar to sample. And I must say it is really really good. I really like that there are full pieces of nuts inside of it. All of the additions to the chocolate are right on top and yet secure inside the chocolate. So it’s very transparent of what is...
Cookie dough Kit Kat

1 review

I had heard great things about this new flavor so I wanted to give it a try but I don’t really see the point of this kit kat I mean It’s good but to me it just taste like regular kit kat just 5 times sweeter. Not a fan.
Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee Bar

2 reviews

Super nice drink if you’re not into coffee. Very smooth and the vanilla taste doesn’t taste gross, it’s a very nice vanilla after taste. Would definitely recommend
Terry’s Chocolate Orange

1 review

As much as I used to love the struggle getting into them, I think the taste is a lot better. It contains orange oil and it really does melt in the mouth. The value for money aspect is pretty high for me, as you do get a lot of slices for £1. Some stores do sell them for as...
Caramac Chocolate

1 review

This is my FAVOURITE chocolate! It's essentially a white chocolate bar flavoured and coloured with caramel. It's the best chocolate out there! Hands down!
Nestle Milky Bar Mini Bags

1 review

I picked these up on a whim in the Halloween trick or treat section but was really pleased that I did. I could eat chocolate until I'm physically sick but these bags are a nice little size so great for kids' (and adults'!) lunch boxes or for a little treat that won't leaving you...
Cadbury Buttons

15 reviews

Cadbury’s is one of my all time favourite chocolate brands, these chocolates are given to my daughter usually she loves them including myself! Words can’t explain the taste but they are very yummy
Lindt Excellence 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate

1 review

As a chocolate addict and someone who needs a lot more iron, this chocolate is the perfect solution. The higher the cacao percentage, the more bitter the chocolate tastes, and so this chocolate is quite bitter which stops you from wanting to demolish the entire block in one...
Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

35 reviews

Best bang for your buck, this thing is sooo good, doesnt stick to your teeth, isn't to heavy, just an overall good candy bar that I think Is underrated.
Kit Kat White & Milk Chocolate Sticks

32 reviews

I love Kit Kat’s, and always look to try new ones that I see. This one is perfect because it combines both white and milk chocolates. It’s not overly sweet as a result, and has a different flavour because of the combination of the two. The mini size is great too for portion...
Great value chocolate milk

1 review

This is the best chocolate milk ever!!! We buy multiple gallons a week and have never not been satisfied! We love love love it! Will definitely buy a billion more times
Lindt Swiss classic crunchy

1 review

The chocolate is good. Creamy and not waxy like some chocolate. It has biscuit pieces and almond brittle which was ok but I didn't think it was anything different or special.
Whittaker’s 33% cacao Coconut Block

1 review

I’m really picky when it comes to chocolate , when I saw this chocolate bar on sale at my local grocery store I was intrigued but I didn’t know that I would love it THAT much. The chocolate is smooth and the coconut adds a great touch. I would definitely purchase it again!!...
Lindt noir

1 review

The days that I cheat on my diet are rare but when I do I make sure that I cheat with a Lindt dark chocolate. Field with a light creamy chocolate mmmm yamm..yamm.. I'm loving it..
Whitman's Chocolates

1 review

Absolutely LOVE these chocolates! I get them every Christmas from my son. They can be a little difficult to find, but are definitely worth the effort! So creamy, & love the assortment.