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Coolers Reviews

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Hires Root Beer and Vodka

6 reviews

I am a huge fan of these drinks. Great flavour and mixture. The root beer is amazing and I don’t feel there is much taste of the vodka. I purchase these on a regular basis.
Jack daniel's country cocktails

1 review

Where i am to you can only get watermelon,peach and fruit punch! They are absolutely delicious and if you are like me 2 or 3 and you arent feeling any pain 😂 but seriously they are delish! Personally, i think fruit punch is the best, then peach, then the watermelon! I wish...
The pop shoppe Hard Cream Soad

3 reviews

This one was pretty good, it just didn't have the exact flavor of cream soda, but it still tasted pretty good for me. I probably won't buy it again as there are other drinks I enjoy more. But if I was having a gathering I would pick some up as my friends were all bigger fans...
Palm Bay Mango Passion Fruit

1 review

I tried this product because mango is my favorite fruit/flavor! These were delicious and I will buy more! Must be served icy cold. Very refreshing and no strong vodka taste.
Mott's Clamato Caesar Original Vodka Beverage

18 reviews

While it’s not as good as the one your drunk uncle makes at family gatherings, these are great to have on hand in the summer. Always stock up for long weekends outdoors or a ball game.
Queens borough Gin Fizz Lime

1 review

Queens borough has become one of my favorite brands of alcoholic beverages. This particular drink of theirs, the lime gin fizz, doesn't have too much flavor to it because it's unsweetened, but has the lightest hint of lime, and is lightly carbonated. It is very hydrating for an...
Tickling Pink Pink Lemonade Vodka

1 review

I tried this product for the first time during a holiday long weekend, and can’t get enough of it! It tastes great on its own, or can be paired with nearly any food. This is definitely a great summer drink.
Smirnoff Ice 1Ltr

7 reviews

Lovely drink to have ice cold, really refreshing and tasty. Perfect for a night out or just to have a few drinks on a relaxing evening at home. Sweet and tangy :)
Georgian Bay Gin Smash

16 reviews

I love the clean crisp taste of this cooler. The gin and citrus fruits go perfect together. I am so happy that I was introduced to this one. I would suggest to anyone as I am not the biggest gin drinker and love these!!
Schweppes Blueberry Elderberry

1 review

The first taste is almost shocking how they have put summer in a can. The blueberry is strong but you can still taste elderberry and the balance between vodka and Schweppes is perfect. The can does say limited edition but i really hope this taste does stay past summer it has...
Snapple spiked Rasp Cherry Tea Vodka

6 reviews

This is a great flavor explosion of raspberry and cherry, it leaves no aftertaste and has a great texture going down, good price and I love the hint of tea!
Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini

5 reviews

A yummy summer drink! Tried this after having a fancy drink at a restaurant one day, and this was the closest I could find to the taste without actually making this drink from scratch. It has become a summer favourite,
Hires Cream Soda and Vodka

1 review

This is actually very refreshing and is another of my go to summer drinks. The taste is great, not too sweet, and the vodka isn't overpowering. If you are looking for a fun cocktail this summer, give this a try.
Smirnoff light ice

2 reviews

C’est vraiment mon cooler préféré! Il n’est pas trop sucré, juste assez! Le taux d’alcool est assez léger! Malheureusement, se trouve uniquement a la SAQ pour les résidents du Quebec.
Smirnoff Ice Peach

1 review

Smirnoff Ice makes such a delicious, sweet, tangy, but not overly sweet or sour with a nice refreshing citrus Peach flavor that blends with the Smirnoff Vodka just right, has enough of a kick but yummy taste. Pack of 6 for $10 bucks
Smirnoff Ice - Lime

2 reviews

I absolutely adore these new Smirnoff flavours. Lime has always been a favorite of mine and it’s hard to find in prepare drinks. This is a great addition to the summer drink line up.
Gatorade Flow Kiwi Strawberry

4 reviews

My sister made me try this one day and I was hesitant because of the Kiwi but I was blown away by the taste. They're difficult to find but if you see this flavor, please try it out for yourself.
Breezer Freeze Strawberry Daiquiri

17 reviews

Whoever came up with these was a genius. I love daiquiri's but lets be honest, they are a lot of work, especially if you just want one. These are so fun and easy. I like taking these camping to enjoy on the first night around the camp fire. They stay frozen pretty well as long...
Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea

29 reviews

It is definitely a great idea, but i don’t find the flavours match well. the tea and alcohol clash in my opinion. It’s sweet, but not something i plan to buy again
Palm Bay Dragonfruit Watermelon

1 review

DragonFruit Watermelon is really yummy. sweet, citrus, fruit flavors not too sweet nor sour great tasting juice with Smirnoff Ice Vodka such a great tasting cooler! Definately a must try.