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Crackers Reviews

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Ritz Baked Chips - Sour Cream & Onion

8 reviews

Ritz Baked Chips - Sour Cream & Onion are my new favorite baked chips. I love the baked in sour cream and onion flavoring. We use these for car trips or in picnics, lunches and as a snack. Will always buy these! I recommend trying them
snack a jacks cheeky chocolate rice cakes

1 review

I tried Snack a Jacks Cheeky Chocolate coasters, I mean rice cakes expecting to taste cardboard. These are chocolatey with the odd chocolate chip mingling in with the rice. They are cheeky and they are very good. Two is quite a filling snack as well, so perfect for those syn...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavour Blasted Slammin' Sour Cream & Onion Baked Snack Crackers

2 reviews

I would recommend these crackers to anyone, as these crackers are great for a little snack and affordable, I get them all the time for me and my daughter as there are so many different flavors to choose from.
Dare Breton Gluten Free Herb & Garlic Crackers

34 reviews

Although not celiac myself, two members of my household are! These are wonderful gluten free crackers and are a definite staple in our home. They are very reasonably priced and do not have the rice cracker flavour so many GF crackers do. I would 100% recommend these crackers!
Goldfish Flavor Blast xtra chedar

10 reviews

I was not a fan of these. The extra powdered "cheese" feels cheap and artificial. The bag size is smaller than the ones without this powder. I wish the bag was re-sealable.
Dare Breton Garden Vegetables Crackers

29 reviews

The whole family like these crackers! With a little more taste than regular crackers and the goodness of veggies in there, these crackers are a win! For a snack, part of lunch or for on the go, they get eaten every single day by someone in our home!
Good Thins the Corn One with Sea Salt

1 review

Love these crackers almost as much as chips! An 80 calorie serving size is 27 of these crunchy, salty snacks. The box feels light as air but there are quite a few of these small crackers in a carton. They are gluten free, made with corn flour and coated generously in sea salt...
Tesco mini bread sticks

1 review

It’s small, it’s healthy, it’s convenient, it’s cheap for 6 small individual bags of mini breadsticks. Perfect for lunchbox, perfect for your handbag, perfect go to snack when feeling peckish.
Christie Ritz crackers Original

1 review

I love eating this crackers, it is light crispy and tasty. I eat it alone as a quick grab and go snack or Just about anytime. It always tastes fresh. I like the think and slightly salted taste as well. I would recommend this product.
Triscut - smoked gouda

1 review

I bought a box of Gouda Triscuts because they were on sale. My daughter love other flavours so I wanted her to try this one. She opened the box and ate one Triscit then another on and another. The kids love these salty treats with bounties of flavour. Very crunchy and the...
Annies organic cheddar cheese  bunny crackers

7 reviews

The kids love them and I do too knowing the ingredients are trusted and they are organic! Love that they come in smaller boxes as well mostly so they stay fresh, not they last that long!
Sesmark Savory Thins

1 review

I was introduced to these crackers at a house party recently. With most other crakers they need something "on top" to add flavour. But these crackers actually don't need to be dressed up, they are delicious all on their own.
Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers

16 reviews

I used to eat the fish ones all the time until I discovered this one. It tastes less artificial and salty. I feel better about eating this one compared to the other one.
Better cheddars

1 review

Better Cheddars are by far the best cheese crackers out there! Not too thick, not too thin, just the right amount of salt! My only complaint is that they don't make them in smaller boxes (since I'll eat the whole box 🤣)
Keebler Town house  oven baked crackers light and buttery flavour

1 review

These crackers made by Keebler are amazing, they taste so buttery and melt in your mouth, there not salty at all there light and crispy. VERY good plain or with stuff on them there also good grounded up and make a crust in top of a lot of cooking dishes.They come in long sleeves...
Ritz Bits Sandwiches Cheese

36 reviews

these ritz sandwich bits are my favourite go to snack. so cheesy, and super easy to eat the whole box and not even realise it. i always keep these in my pantry.
Ritz baked chips original

4 reviews

These Ritz crackers are really good. They are very crispy and have the perfect amount of salt. I feel that they should give you more for the amount of money they cost.
Goldfish in blasted screamin' salt & vinegar

18 reviews

The vinegar is definitely the strongest part of the taste for me. I personally don't mind it however if you don't enjoy super strong "screamin" flavours this isn't for you. This is a great alternative to salt and vinegar chips!
snap cheeses its crackers

2 reviews

My family and I love these! They are super addicting. I would definitely recommend these to family and friends! I really like the double cheese and the jalapeño flavors.
Triscuit crackers - Smoked Gouda

1 review

I love Triscuits, and repeatedly buy many of there products and flavours. I enjoy the texture compared to other crackers, and usually the flavours are great on their own or are a good jumping off point for creating party bites etc. The Smoked Gouda flavour tastes overly salty...