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Crackers Reviews

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Triscuit Crackers Rye with Caraway Seeds

1 review

I love Triscuits Rye with Caraway Seed Crackers. It has a most unique flavor. It goes well with any cheese. Makes a terrific base for any appetizer that you your family and friends will enjoy. Best of all a serving provides you with 4 Grams of fiber.
Good Thins simply salt crackers

3 reviews

I loved the taste and so did my boyfriend! Tastes good with cheese and summer sausage a very good snack I love it I crave it a lot and not a bad price
Dare Breton Artisanal Sweet Potato and Ancient Grains Crackers

11 reviews

Loved these! A great little snack and they are a nice cracker to have on a hosting as they arent plain old boring ones. They have a little bit of something. Perfect with cheese, spread, hummus or even on their own. I will watch out for them on sale and stock up!
Goldfish Grahams Chocolate Brownie

3 reviews

These were a tasty surprise! Reminded me a lot of old school chocolate teddy graham cookies. I did find them a tad dry, but I mean, it’s a cookie/cracker thing so that’s to be expected. I did find the chocolate flavour to be nice, sweet but not overly so. I’d buy them...
President's Choice Asiago & Sundried Tomato Mini Cheese Crackers

2 reviews

I bought these to pair with a wheel of brie, expecting them to maybe be a bit smaller than your usual cracker... Oh I was wrong. They're tiny, about the size of those Ritz crackers with the cheese between them! Not the end of the world, just not what I expected. Really tasty...
Good Thins the Beet One

1 review

I'm so happy that I found this crackers. It helps me satisfy my occasional cravings for chips but it is low in sugar and saturated fat. 15 crackers contains only 2g of sugar but you don't find the taste bland. I'm willing to share this with my little one.
Triscuit roasted red pepper

3 reviews

These triscuit crackers were really good they are crispy they had flavour but I would want a little bit more seasoning on each cracker .the kids really like them with cheese and cucumber on it. great snack for anytime I would buy them again.
Dare Breton Minis Vegetable Crackers

21 reviews

I love Breton vegetable crackers because they not only taste amazing with just the right amount of saltiness but they taste good with all types of processed meats, and cheeses. The minis are awesome to play around with and top them with ham and cheese as finger foods at house...
Christie Good Thins Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt

2 reviews

I honestly didn't think they would be great, but they are! So addicting. Good to eat if you are in the mood for a potato chip or cracker but don't want the calories or high salt content because these meet you in the middle. The flavour is so tasty. Strong, but not overpowering.

1 review

Love how tasty and healthy these are! Love eating them with hummus! It's a great mid day snack. love how these are on my DIET list as Low Carb. i would eat these everyday if i could.
Wheat Thins Multigrain Crackers

29 reviews

Wheat Thins are a healthy option for a snack. I would much rather reach for these than potato chips or another item that has far more calories and is much more unhealthy. My children also enjoy it with their lunch at school. I would definitely recommend these!
Pepperridge farm goldfish

1 review

I bought the pizza flavour goldfish because I wanted crackers but instead I bought the gold fish Because I read on the label that they were backed and I love them. They became an household item
President's Choice White Cheddar & Rosemary Mini Cheese Crackers

1 review

These little crackers are mini but they sure do pack a lot of flavour. They are very delicious! There is a great white cheddar flavour, and just enough rosemary to not overpower the flavour. They are great on their own for a little snack.
Triscuit Crackers - Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil

15 reviews

Loved the taste and the added bonus of being Non GMO. A great snack to have at hand or would go well at parties or small gatherings. A simple cracker that is packed with flavor!
Christie graham crackers

14 reviews

Les mangé secs ou trempé dans le lait, ces biscuits sont bons. Vous pouvez en faire de la chapelure pour réaliser des desserts. J'en ai toujours dans mon garde-manger pour me dépanner.
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Flavour Blasted Xtreme Cheddar

10 reviews

As a Pepperidge Farm lover, these flavor blasted goldfish don't disappoint! It takes the regular cheese goldfish up a notch by adding really yummy extra cheese on top. I love licking my fingers (which also become "flavor blasted") at the end of my snacking. My kids love these...
Christie Triscuit Fig & Honey

1 review

This is a new flavour of Triscuits. I really love the flavour of these crackers. They have such a unique and satisfying flavour. I little salty and sweet. Perfect on their own or with some cheese.
goldfish sour cream and onions

6 reviews

I felt a bit childish purchasing goldfish crackers, but the sour cream and onion flavour is one my students said I had to try. They were on sale on Amazon for $2, so I purchased a few bags. Definitely worth every penny! These are an awesome snack to have at my desk for long days...
Breton Multigrain Crackers

5 reviews

I like this product. This is a nice light cracker that can be used to accompany savoury or sweet toppings or even both. I find these crackers so tasty and light that one might lose track about how much they’ve eaten. Breton crackers have been around for a long time but the...
Ritz Bits Sandwiches S'mores

22 reviews

These are a great snack to pack for work or for school. They do not taste exactly like smores, more like a chocolate cracker. I barely taste the marshmallow. However, they are still really good. The cracker itself is really good too, it is almost sweet. These are also crunchy.