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Gluten-free Reviews

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Snapea Crisps Original

69 reviews

I buy these in Costco and i love the convenient package of this healthy snack. I try to limit my intake of processed foods (some days haha) so this one provides a quick and healthy alternative for when im on the go. Good balance of salt and spices.
Catelli Gluten Free Spaghetti

61 reviews

I would definitely buy this product again. It was super tasty. I made this with a meat sauce and it was to die for. Is it bad I had seconds? Actually going to make this again tonight.
Catelli Gluten Free Macaroni

54 reviews

This is a new favourite in our house. I used to make more than 1 type of pasta because my kids didn’t like the gluten free pasta I bought before but they didn’t even notice that the Catelli was gluten free. It tasted delicious and we will most definitely be buying this on a...
Catelli Gluten Free Penne

24 reviews

I'm a huge fan of gluten free products. Every time a brand comes out with a gluten free product it's like I won the lottery. Any mom who has a child with food allergies, has celiac, or just wants to eat gluten free items, knows how tough it can be to find gluten free items...
Catelli Gluten Free Linguine

18 reviews

Pasta is a huge hit or miss in our family. Our daughter will quickly let you know if her pasta is a success or flop... So I was waiting on pins and needles while cooking this pasta for them.. When I served it... she took a bite.... then another and another!! YAya! a mothers...
Catelli Gluten Free Lasagne

29 reviews

This one is a no brainer for me. I’ve tried dozens of brands of gluten free pasta and Catelli gluten free pasta is a staple item in our house. I can’t say I have personal experience cooking lasagna with it but I can say that my wonderful MIL makes gluten free lasagna for...
Annie's Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

17 reviews

It's nice to have some tasty gluten free options that are quick and easy. This is always a hit in our home, especially with the husband and toddler. Would improve the taste if there was a little more of the cheese powder.
Sol cuisine sprouted quinoa chia burgers

1 review

It's very difficult to find vegan burgers that don't contain soy, but these are amazing and soy free!! The cost is reasonable for 4 patties and it's completely vegan. My family loves it!
Doves gluten free flour

1 review

I have been baking for my mother who is coeliac for the last 20 years and I can safely say I have tried many different flours , Doves flours are the best I have tried , they produce perfect results every time.
SirKensingtons mayoneese

1 review

Great for Organic food lovers Great ingredients and strong flavors Good for salads, spreads For anyone who like to enjoy great quality food Do not be surprised to want it more which it will be sold in large juars
Kosy Shack Gluten Free tapioca pudding

1 review

It was on sale, so gave it a shot! So yummy and very creamy, a wonderful dessert option or for lunches! Just the right amount of vanilla flavor comes trough! I believe anyone would enjoy! in the refrigerated section
Madegood crispy square

6 reviews

Made good bars are a stable in our home, from lunches to a quick snack. Although the granola is our first choice these came are also delicious. Although the kids found them a bit too sweet tasting.
Simple Mills pancake mix

1 review

I do not like pancakes but when I tried these gluten free pancakes I fell in love! They are made with almond flour. I just spread almond butter on them and dig in. The hubby and kids love them too!
Yoki Polvilho Azedo

1 review

The best sour starch!!! I love cheese bread. I usually make it every week. I'm like addicted to it lol. The problem is that is so hard to find this starch. But anyway, I usually go to Vancouver to buy it. I love it.
Go Free Cornflakes

1 review

Since most brands of cereals either contain gluten or are prepared in environments with gluten. it can be hard to find a good substitute. These cornflakes are safe and delicious!

11 reviews

I am a huge fan of larabar because they are healthy, vegan, and they are tasty! This is by far my favorite flavor as it taste very similar to actual apple pie and gives me energy for my day!
Gluten Free Dare Breton Crackers Original with Flax

5 reviews

These are a weekly staple at my house and I have a few boxes at my desk at work for snacking with fruits or cheese that I bring for a mid morning snack. This is one of my favourite gluten free crackers because I can serve it on a meat and cheese tray board and it is liked by...
Enjoy life energy bites

1 review

First time trying these. I have seen them on the enjoy life website but unfortunately you cannot order through them from Canada. These are very hard to find but I actually finally found them at the Independent Grocery Store. I have bought many enjoy life products due to their...

3 reviews

I tried the 3 cheese and garlic ones, and they were delicious! Super easy and honestly a great taste and texture! Fun and great for all ages, and theres 3 flavors! They were kind of hard to find, and they are a bit pricey, but they usually have some kind of coupon for them to...
Irresistibles gluten free chewy bars in cherry and dark chocolate

1 review

These chewy bars are packed with flavour, and have almonds, pumpkin seeds, roasted cashews, cherries, rasins, organic whole grain crisp brown rice, agave syrup, and dark chocolate chunks. I found they were totally addictive, and were a good value for the price.