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Gluten-free Reviews

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Catelli Gluten Free Spaghetti

65 reviews

I love the way this pasta tastes, cooks up quick and doesn’t turn gummy. I keep at least 4 boxes in my pantry at any given moment. Even my family doesn’t notice when I cook with this instead of “regular” pasta, I’d call that a win!
Catelli Gluten Free Macaroni

55 reviews

This is a very good gluten free pasta. It has a nice texture and does not cake up like some of the other gluten free pastas. The box says 4 servings, but I think average people would likely get 6 or more servings from a box.
Catelli Gluten Free Penne

24 reviews

I'm a huge fan of gluten free products. Every time a brand comes out with a gluten free product it's like I won the lottery. Any mom who has a child with food allergies, has celiac, or just wants to eat gluten free items, knows how tough it can be to find gluten free items...
Quaker Crispy Minis Gluten-Free Everything Rice Cakes

6 reviews

I have loved the quaker buttered popcorn flavor rice cakes since I was a child but when I tried the Everything flavor, I was blown away. They are so good. I buy at least 3 packs every time I see them on sale in the store.
Schär gluten free Hamburger buns

2 reviews

These hot dog buns taste good but as I find with most Schar products they crumble quite easily. I find with the hot dog buns I need to cut a V out of the top so I can get a hot dog in without the bun splitting right through the bottom.
Inno foods almond fruit crunch

3 reviews

This is one of the best gluten free granola cereals I have tried. It has delicious flavour with almonds and dried cranberries as well. It is amazing added to yogurt and fruit for a healthy breakfast.
Marks and Spencer Made Without Wheat chicken, ham and leek pie

1 review

Just tried the new chicken, ham and leek pie. Unusually for gluten free the pastry was lovely and the filling was plenty and tasty, will definitely be buying again
Marks and Spencer made without wheat hot cross buns

1 review

Great tasting, lovely toasted with butter. Even better while on offer price. Only downside is a little sticky and made a mess of toaster - easier to use the grill. Will definitely buy again
PC Chickenless breasts

1 review

I was thrilled to find these chicken less breasts in the freezer section. Not only are they vegan and gluten free, but they cook up great whether fried, baked or sauteed. The taste and texture are fantastic also. Must have in the freezer at home.
Catelli Gluten Free Linguine

18 reviews

Pasta is a huge hit or miss in our family. Our daughter will quickly let you know if her pasta is a success or flop... So I was waiting on pins and needles while cooking this pasta for them.. When I served it... she took a bite.... then another and another!! YAya! a mothers...
Purely Elizabeth Grain Free Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

1 review

This product is so delicious. I tried it because I somehow developed a sensitivity to oats. So I decided to try some grain-free products. I tried as many grain free brands as I could find and Purely Elizabeth wins hands down. Chocolate hazelnut is my personal favourite flavour...
Skinny sticks

1 review

Love these!!! So much flavour, not too much heat! Crunchy and get your chip craving in without the guilt! Made with quinoa and chia seeds. My go to snack!!
Barney Powdered Almond Butter

1 review

For quick snack - just add water. Mixed with nuts and/or berries. Maybe some mini-chocolate chips. Should be part of survival kit. Add to a smoothie, to pancakes, oatmeal, You name it
Nuco organic coconut wraps

2 reviews

These coconut wraps are great! They hold up really well to rolling and folding, unlike a lot of other gluten-free wraps I've tried, and they're so easy to wrap. You can definitely taste the coconut, but I like the moringa flavor the best because it tones down the sweetness of...
Fresh is Best Taco Shells

1 review

Fresh is Best Taco shells make for a great taco shell, or you can break them up and use them as nacho chips as well. They are gluten-free, NON-GMO. I do like the ingredients. I like the fact that they're a Canadian company.
Catelli Gluten Free Lasagne

29 reviews

This one is a no brainer for me. I’ve tried dozens of brands of gluten free pasta and Catelli gluten free pasta is a staple item in our house. I can’t say I have personal experience cooking lasagna with it but I can say that my wonderful MIL makes gluten free lasagna for...
Annie's Gluten Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

20 reviews

I was impressed with the quality of this product. I was actually really good. It didnt not taste like rice! I have made it for my celiac friends and my family. Try it
The Good Bean Chickpeas Chili Lime

2 reviews

I was on Amazon looking around for healthy snacks and I stumbled upon this. It's definitely more expensive than other salty snacks like chips but it's way healthier! The taste is a little bland but it's a fun snack overall!
Gluten Free Dare Breton Crackers Original with Flax

11 reviews

I recently became gluten-free and had a hard time finding alternatives to the regular snacks and a half. These crackers are amazing, I don’t even realize that I’m eating gluten-free when I have them. They don’t taste like cardboard and aren’t overly sweet. I actually...
Nairn's Gluten Free Flatbreads Carmelised Onion

1 review

These are large sized crackers that work as perfect vessels for spreadable cheese, thin sliced meat and fruit. They are the perfect combination of flavour so the caramelized onion isn't to intense. They are the same texture and quality of a regular flatbread cracker which is a...