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Granola Bars Reviews

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bear paw banana flavoured

17 reviews

This is a snack my house hold can’t do without. Every second of the day my children are asking me for a bear paw. They will eat it day and night. It tastes really good I have to admit
cliff coconut almond peanut trail mix bars

2 reviews

My boyfriend picked this cliff bar as a snack for when we went hiking ...I am not huge fan of protein bar ...but the cliff bar was delicious and healthy option to other snacks like chips . I may be biased since I love coconut and almond .
Leclerc Vital Bars Coconut with Almond Butter

3 reviews

Une barre tendre avec un goût prononcé de noix de coco grillé et de beurre d'amande. Miam. Je la prends le matin comme collation au bureau et c'est parfait. Elle n'est pas sucré et son goût est juste bien balancer. Avec avoine, riz croustillant noix de coco tout pour nous...
Great Value Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bar

1 review

130 calories per bar. Can purchase a package at Walmart for $1.50. Each package contains 8 bars. Great price and a great bar. Made with real fruit (apple and cinnamon filling). Reminds me of eating a McDonalds Apple pie. 12 grams of sugar. Contains iron. A cheaper version...
Nature Valley Lunchbox Berry Flavour Granola Bars

7 reviews

I wanted a healthier granola bar with great flavor. Was surprised at the great taste, due to no artificial flavors. High fiber, very low fat, low sugar snack.
Quaker Harvest Oatmeal to go Cinnamon roll bars

5 reviews

I love to buy these. They taste very yummy and are great for grabbing and going if needed in the morning. I love how they taste fresh!! This brand is really great too.
kashi whole grain bar dark mocha almond

1 review

Kashi Whole Grain Bars Dark Mocha Almond good in taste, less calories,like dark chocolate, espresso,hearty whole grains, just problem is protein and fiber is very less.
Love Crunch Organic Granola Bars Mixed Box: Dark Chocolate Macaroon & Dark Chocolate & Red Berries

2 reviews

These bars are crazy good. The dark chocolate and red berries flavour is my favourite. These are my go-to granola bars particularly since they’re organic
PC Blue Menu Fruit & Nut Toasted Cocoanut Chewy Bar

1 review

I have compared a lot of bars and continue to buy this one. It has great flavour, lots of fibre, not overly high in sugar or sodium. Great bar all around.
Plant protien bwr

1 review

Yum I really liked the dark chocolate protien bar! It was easy to eat while I was on the go and the dark chocolate with the plant protien mixture was a great combo. Though the Chocolate will melt quickly if it's a hot day. I always try to put mine in the fridge it tastes even...
Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Chewy Granola Bars

29 reviews

My favourite granola bar by far. I love this specific flavour. My nearby store is always sold out of this flavour so it must be very popular Defineltely recommend this product!
Kashi Chia Granola Bars- Almond Chocolate Sea Salt

20 reviews

This is not my favorite granola bars brand, BUT I did liked this one a bit more since it has dark chocolate chunks in it. It makes it less « healthy only »! Actually tasted good!
Fibre One Strawberry Cheesecake

1 review

I have always enjoyed Fibre One Bars, but the Strawberry Cheesecake bar is a no go for me. The bottom layer is fine, does taste like graham crackers, the pastry is nice... but when it comes to the filling... all I can say for my taste buds is yuck. Has a super sweet artificial...
Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix

14 reviews

These bars are ok. They are no craving but they actullay did not disappoint. Which is a lot to say, cause my family are really picky eaters. Feel like there should be more in box tho.
Lady Sarah: Choco Bits White Chocolate Dipped Cereal Bars

1 review

I purchase a pack of these granola bars for $1.25 from Dollar Tree. Each pack comes with 5 granola bars. The granola bars are 110 calories each. The bottom of the bar is a thick layer of white chocolate . These are good quality; deep chocolate flavour. They are made with...
Sara Lee Homestyle Bar Oatmeal & Dates

1 review

This is the first time I tried this type of bar before. It was ok, not my favourite. The flavour is pretty mild because it is just oatmeal and dates...not a whole lot going on there. However, it is a filling bar. I found I was not getting hungry after for a long time.
Nourish Coconut Cashew & Dark Chocolate Chunks

3 reviews

Nous aimons tout ce qui est barre tendre, pour la route, toujours un indispensable, les enfants aiment manger aussi. Peut importe la saveur, c'est toujours un gros ''hit''
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars Toasted Coconut

8 reviews

I love anything coconut and I also love nature valley sweet and salty bars. So when I seen these bars in toasted coconut, I bought 3 boxes. Needless to say, the serving size of 1 bar flew over my head and I kept going back in the kitchen for another until there was only 1 bar...
Fruit & Nut Mixed Berry Chewy Bars

3 reviews

Some of these types of granola bars can be quite dry and or hard. But these ones are so truly Chewy it almost addictive! I dare you to try eating just one

2 reviews

Clif Crunch Granola Bars in Chocolate chip taste simple and would be even more so if it weren't for the chocolate chips.They are a good source of fibre containing oats, barley and rye. Onre box contains five pouches containing two bars per package. The bars are crunchy and...