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Gum Reviews

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Extra Strawberry Swirl

1 review

You have to go in to Extra Dessert gums ready for an experience. The Strawberry Swirl is very fragrant, and the flavor is initially very strong. It starts off with a fruit-punchy strawberry flavor, and then settles in to the batter-like flavor that Extra Desserts is really going...
Trident Splash Pucker Me Berry

1 review

Trident Splash Pucker Me Berry is very summery! It’s soft, juicy texture is a surprise at first, but it mixes in as you go. The flavor lasts a good amount of time and still has a pleasant taste even as it fades. Pack this one up for the beach!
Project 7 Gourmet Gum-Watermelon Grapefruit

1 review

These gums are so amazing! Such unique flavours.. This one is SO REFRESHING! It tastes like a summer's day in your mouth! I love the sweetness from the watermelon with a bit of tart freshness from the grapefruit. The only thing I notice is that the gum does not last a long...
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

6 reviews

This gum taste so good like bubble gum I could chew it all day I recommend this gum if you want to try something new and fun and I love how it comes in a tape dispenser it’s such a fun gum!!!
Excel winterfresh gum white

1 review

I chew gum every day all day ! I didn't care for this one at all the flavour was here for a total of 5 minutes ,gum went sticky after I chewed it awhile ,I usually buy other excel gums that last alot longer then this one
Hubba Bubba Dr Pepper

1 review

A very strong flavour in the Hubba Bubba spectrum. I can still taste the Dr. Pepper flavour after 4 minutes, which is double the time of regular Hubba Bubba. Strong contender there. Not a duster by any means. Only complaint is a flat, lingering after taste and oversized portion.
excel white spearmint

6 reviews

I enjoy the Excel brand of gum. I bought this as my regular gum was empty on the shelf. Well I enjoyed it so much, it's become my favourite now. I buy it in a 60 count and leave it in my purse for easy access.
Hubba bubba max strawberry watermelon gum

3 reviews

We love the great taste of this gum, we are regular bubble gum chewers ( is that a word) and this was right up our alley We usually only chew regular flavored or minty chewing gum. Will buy again
Trident Freshmint

3 reviews

Ce produit offre un bon rapport qualité-prix. Cependant, la qualité a déjà été meilleure. Sa saveur aussi a déjà été meilleure. Ce produit convient bien lorsqu'on ne recherche pas une saveur de menthe trop prononcée.
PUR Gum in Peppermint

7 reviews

This is my go-to gum. You can find it in natural health stores, grocery stores, and most drug stores. I usually chew two pieces at a time to extend the flavour and make sure to buy it in the 77g bags. My dentist even recommended it since it's sweetened with xylitol, an...
Stride Lemonberry Gum

3 reviews

This Stride gum is packed with flavour! It has a bit of crunch to it when you first bite it, then the flavour hits you. As with most gum, the flavour level drops after a few minutes of chewing.
Excel Sugar-Free Peppermint Gum

13 reviews

I have nothing against this gum other than the fact that is has aspartame in it. The taste of this gum is great, its refreshing, it gets rid of bad breathe and I like the cool packaging that it comes in. Aspartame on the other hand is a migraine trigger for me, so after I...
Stride Forever Fruit

2 reviews

I normally like to chew a peppermint gum something strong but occasional I enjoy something different and this gum is great. It has a nice flavor to it and it also satisfies the craving when I am wanting something sweet.
Trident Splash Strawberry Kiwi Gum

22 reviews

I buy this for my grandsons as they love the taste. As they want gum every day, I love the sugar free concept for them. The taste is great and the flavour lasts a long time. We all get what we want out of this gum.
Trident Layers Swedish Fish

12 reviews

My son notice this gum in line. So We tried it He liked it. I didn't. I think it is more for kids then adults.I like my mint gum. I love swedish fish buy not fora gum. My kid took it. Have not seen it since.
Trident Layers Watermelon Tropical Punch Gum

1 review

I am a huge fan of Trident Layers but I did not enjoy this flavour. The taste ran out very quickly and it was super mild. I tasted a little bit of a watermelon flavour but did not get the fruit punch. I would not buy this flavour again unless it was the only one of sale. You get...
5 Gum Cobalt

4 reviews

I’ve been purchasing 5 Rain gum for years now and I decided to buy the multi pack. It was the first time I tried other flavors and I was very disappointed in the Cobalt flavor. I didn’t enjoy the taste at all, definitely the last time I will buy this flavor.
Excel citrus mint

5 reviews

Jai vraiment detester le gout, en plus ca dure pas longtemps, perte dargent ! Pourtant jadore excel. Mais cette saveur est horrible . Je le reconma de pas dutout
5 Tempest Watermelon

1 review

I love watermelon and this gum nails the flavor. It's not too heavy handed with the sweetness like many fruit gums but relies on the perfect level of watermelon. My only complaint is that the flavor is not long lasting and soon the gum turns fairly rubbery. Also, for what it's...
trident Layers Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus

6 reviews

really good product, gret tast and price. the tast last preaty long compared to the regular trident I for sure recomend for everyone that likes a rellh good gum