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Ice Cream Reviews

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Dairy Queen DQ Oreo Cake

1 review

I love that it holds the soft serve in the ice cream well for a few days if you have a small family. Quite expensive, and our local DQ was skimpy on the whipped topping so I might request extra next time. I LOVE the fudge center plus the oreo layer!
HÄAGEN-DAZS® exträaz™ Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

5 reviews

I’m 40 weeks pregnant and I got addicted to strawberry cheesecake flavour around 30 weeks. And I keep buying it whenever I go to do grocery.. such creamy and intense flavour without being overly sweet.. I like to add pinch of maldon salt as I love combination of sweet and...
Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait

41 reviews

The closest dairy queen to us is about 25 minutes away. Any time we are in that area I make sure we stop and have some ice cream. My ultimate favorite is the peanut buster parfait
Chapman's Canadian Blueberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt

1 review

Tested this product last Thursday evening & was a bit disappointed. It does have a nice blueberry taste to it however it is quite mild as the sweetness of yogurt itself was extremely sweet & overpowers it. All I could really taste was how sweet it is (17 grams of sugar & is the...
Killer Creamery Brownie Points

1 review

It was taste so good, like chocolate and brownies. Yum! It actually keto ice cream. They are healthy and good for you. There are many different flavors keto ice cream which do you like. It's affordable. Definitely recommended!
Chapman's Frozen Yogurt Dutch Chocolate

37 reviews

I love this product because it is decadent but I still feel like I’m not indulging too much because it is frozen yogurt and not ice cream. :) The flavour is delicious and really is a treat.
Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

19 reviews

This is hands down my new favorite blizzard on the DQ menu! I hope it sticks around all year long, or at least every summer! It is the perfect mix of ice cream to cookie taste and is DELICIOUS!!! The texture is perfect, and flavor is exactly what you expect from the name of the...
drumstick chocolate peanut butter

1 review

This cone has very high quality ingredients. The only problem is that the peanut butter in the centre is too overpowering and salty. Also the peanuts covering the top come in a huge amount, and they aren't roasted so they taste a little bitter.
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough

2 reviews

I don’t think it gets much better than B&J;cookie dough. It’s the creamiest I’ve cream it’s on another level I don’t even think we can call it ice cream. The cookie dough in this ice cream is the BEST ! I don’t know how their ice cream is this amazing they have to...
Pc chocolate crackle ice cream

1 review

My family loves the pc chocolate crackle ice cream. We love the creaminess of the ice cream and there is are so many large crunchy pieces of chocolate in every bite!
Del Monte Creamy Bars Made with Real Berries & Cream

1 review

These tasty little treats are only 45 calories which means you can eat more of them without feeling guilty. 10 handy individual packs to a box. They have a light creamy berry taste made with real fruit and have no artifical colors or flavors. I will definitely buy them again.
Good Humor Peanut Butter

1 review

I recently discovered these, and they’re delicious! It taste exactly like a frozen peanut butter cup! To be honest, I often freeze my own chocolate bars as they taste even more delicious, but I love this version! Give it a try
Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee Cookie

1 review

Another delicious flavour from Ben and Jerry’s! I’m not a huge fan of crème brûlée, but with the added cookie that adds crunch, it makes for a delicious treat! The downside as with most Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the nutritional content and sugar level, which is quite...
Klondike krunch

1 review

Got these from superstore and the ice cream filling is good and the krucnhy shell coating is also nice and light. I enjoyed it as a treat on a hot summer afternoon
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

6 reviews

Nothing short of soft and sweet, creamy deliciousness all in one bite! I would add one specific kind but I like to many to list! It’s my guilty pleasure and my mid day-mid night snack. I enjoy it and often treat myself to a pint. A couple of my favorites are Chunky Monkey...
Carvel Ice Cream Cake Celebration

12 reviews

great for a party or just sitting down to eat the best ice cream you can get! The icibg is the best part. We all love it! Lots try, but none are nearly as good!
Haagen Dasz  green tea

1 review

The ice cream has a squash taste and grass. I don’t mind the squash taste. But I do not like that my ice cream has a grass taste. I on the container said s that its sweet and its not. It is not sour.
McDonald's Skor McFlurry

1 review

The Skor Mcflurry flavor of ice cream is fantastic because it has a crunchy caramel taste with chocolate. I don't find it to sweet like the M&M;flavor so I prefer this one.
Dairy Queen Blizzard Cupcakes

51 reviews

OMFG! THis M&M;Blizzard from DQ is all of the above u get a nice crunch a brain freeze tell u its refreshing then u get a nice taste of M&M;and icecream JUST OMG WOW
Great Value Ice Cream

14 reviews

Wal-Mart ice cream is really good and they have many varieties of flavor so my kids can choose whatever they like I would recommend buying it and there popsicle options are good to