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Ice Cream Reviews

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Coolway protein ice cream

17 reviews

I tried the blueberry waffle and salted caramel flavors: both were gritty and the flavors were lackluster. Too expensive for such an awful texture and flavor.
Dairy Queen Chocolate chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

14 reviews

DQ’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough blizzard is my all time favourite! I love the little chunks of cookie dough in the blizzard and the ice cream is nice and smooth and creamy!
Dairy Queen dipped cone

24 reviews

Eating a dip cone brings back memories with my grandparents. They always take me and my family out for dip cones and chili dogs. It was the best family thing. When my grandma died we went to her funeral. My grandpa will take us to get our ice cream to cheer us up.
Chapman's Ice Cream Products

12 reviews

My family of 5 love treat night and what better treat than one of Chapman's products! My daughters love the lil sandwiches , perfectly sized for smaller hands (and bellies)! The ice cream is nut free which makes it a great choice for families like ours with a nut allergy and the...
Chapman's Black Cherry Ice Cream

42 reviews

J’adore cette crème glacée aux cerises noires. Son goût est tout simplement parfait !! Onctueuse à souhait avec juste assez de cerises. Elle est le dessert parfait en coupe glacée ou en cornet. Les enfants l’adorent autant que moi.
Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough

2 reviews

My family likes this ice cream very much. Every weekend is in our fridge. I like creamy taste, pieces of toppings. I recommend you must try and your family.
Sonic Cookie dough blast

3 reviews

Omgosh this cookie dough ice cream is lile heaven in a dish . it's a hit and you need to try the cookie dough 🍨. Its to die for.tgis ice cream is absolutely amazing.
Oreo ice cream cake

2 reviews

We purchased the Oreo Ice Cream Cake for my daughters birthday over the weekend. We usually purchase the DQ Ice Cream Cakes, but she wanted to try the Oreo one. This cake tastes exactly like an Oreo Blizzard! It is hands down the BEST Ice Cream Cake I have tasted and the whole...
Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Ice Cream

1 review

Magnum White Chocolate and & Cookies Ice Cream tastes soooo yummy!! The bits of cookies that come into the mouth while biting on the ice cream bar taste just heavenly. I would recommend it to anyone who loves ice cream & cookies. These ice creams give the feeling of getting the...
double decker ice cream

2 reviews

One of our family favourite ice cream. Love the crispy bits and chocolate chunks but the best part is the nougat centre. We can easily eat the pot in one sitting. Sooo yummmyyy
Ben & jerrys milk and cookies

1 review

Milk & cookies is by far the best ice cream out there! It has chunks of like cookie dough and chocolate chunks of cookie! It’s a bite of heaven! We are seriously obsessed with it! We even had to try cutting back because we were eating two pints a day! 😬 I highly recommend...
Ben & Jerry’s tonight dough

1 review

I live in VT and have tried tons of flavors and this is one of the best. It has cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough and swirls of caramel, all the best stuff in one creamy ice cream!
Dippin dots

1 review

Everyone in my family can’t wait for special outings that include Dippin’ Dots stands along the adventure. My favorite is the rainbow ice, it’s so delicious! Everyone should try them at least once!
Sonic cookie dough sundae

1 review

Me and my son went to Sonic and ordered one of these bad boys and when it came to the car...Lawd. It was like heaven in plastic!!! Perfect amounts of caramel and cookie dough with ice cream that is other worldly good....I can’t tell you enough how awesome this treat will be...
Breyers Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Chocolate Frozen Dessert

15 reviews

This ice cream is one of my favorites. I love ice cream that has stuff in it (black cherry, Moose Tracks, etc), and since Reeses are one of my favorite candies, this is my go-to ice cream from Breyers. It's just sweet enough and chocolately enough to satisfy that craving for...
Maggie Moos

1 review

We as a family love their shakes. They have so many flavors and our kids love combining different flavors each time! They always come in a plastic mason jar which saves a ton of mess later compared the melting ice cream! lol We will always recommend anything from marble slab...
Carvel Ice Cream Cake Celebration

6 reviews

My family loves Carvel cakes. We buy them all of the time. No special occasion needed. The taste, quality and price are all perfect. Love the seasonal decorating as well.
Haagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bars

1 review

Haagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bars. The salted caramel from haagen dazs is my favorite! Its unique and i love the twist of the saltyness . love this find.
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

26 reviews

This is by far my favorite Ben and Jerrys... such a great combination and not your run of the mill flavor. I'd buy this by the gallon if I could! I wish it were more widely available, it's so hard to find. Ugh!
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

26 reviews

Ben & Jerry's make delicious ice cream, but Chery Garcia has been one of their best! They also make it in frozen yogurt which is equally fantastic--full of chunks of real cherries and chocolate, swirled in vanilla ice cream.