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Ice Cream Reviews

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Walmart Ice Cream

14 reviews

Wal-Mart ice cream is really good and they have many varieties of flavor so my kids can choose whatever they like I would recommend buying it and there popsicle options are good to
Carvel Ice Cream Cake Celebration

11 reviews

No other ice cream cake can compete with the texture and taste of carvel! Perfect for holidays and birthday celebrations. Smooth creamy ice cream and yummy chocolate crunchy layer makes this our absolute favorite in our house!
Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream

38 reviews

I love coffee could drink it all day long but I also love me some ice cream so this is the best it both world a where I get to enjoy it all day with out getting bored! This is creamy and luxurious decadent and such a treat for this mommy!
Dairy Queen Chocolate chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

16 reviews

This ice cream treat is my go to when I'm craving a cookie, chocolate or soft serve. Nothing better to beat the heat then this blizzard. This got me through my last trimester and kept hubby safe.
Chapman's Ice Cream Products

15 reviews

My favourite is the neapolitan ice cream. Each colour is full of the flavour. My boys live the vanilla and the Dutch chocolate. My husband favourite is mint chocolate chip. I can't wait to sit down with a bowl with my family
Breyer’s carb balance almond bars

1 review

These are so good! My husband and I really enjoy these. They taste just like regular ice cream! You won’t miss the sugar in this one. The chocolate outside is crunchy and the ice cream inside is super creamy.
Chapman's Li'l Sammich

1 review

I have a total sweet tooth, and ice cream sandwiches are a weakness of mine. These lil sandwiches are bite size and fit in the palm of my hand ! It satisfies my craving without making me feel like I overindulged in sugar. Perfect size for kids too. Highly recommend !
Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Blizzard

1 review

If you like cotton candy, you are gonna love this! It is creamy DQ ice cream blended with cotton candy flavor and crunchy candy cotton candy sprinkles! This has become my DQ fave! I look forward to it returning to the menu every summer! You will not be disappointed!! It reminds...
hood vanilla ice cream

1 review

We go through at least one per week. My kids LOVE vanilla ice cream and this is one of the tasty ones. I like that its a local company and that they are usually on sale regularly.
Blue Bell Creole Cream Cheese ice cream

1 review

BlueBell is a great ice cream brand from Texas and they are constantly coming up with new flavors. I was pleasantly surprised to find a flavor that I love in an ice cream, and from one of my favorite brands. The flavor, Creole Cream Cheese, is light and creamy with just the...
Righteous Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Gelato

1 review

Hands down the best tasting dark chocolate gelato I have had in quite some time! It was smooth, perfectly chocolatey and down right amazing!! I would recommend this to anyone who has an intolerance to milk products!!
cold stone creamery birthday cake ice cream

1 review

I like the taste of this ice cream. It is creamy, milky and delicious. The flavour is spot on!! I would buy it again, my family also liked it as well.
Chapman’s Yukon ice cream

1 review

I love Chapman’s Yukon ice-cream! I love the Carmel flavor and I love that you can always find it on sale and for a good price. I enjoy it indoors and outdoors regardless of season it hits the spot
Chagnon ice cream

1 review

I bought the chocolate banana flavor. It was delicious Has no artificial coloring which is a very good reason to buy this ice cream. Kids also love it. Tastes like no other ice cream we have bought
Baskin Robbins polar pizza

1 review

We purchased a Cookie Dough flavored Polar Pizza at Baskin Robbins and it was great! This was for my daughter’s birthday and they even added a piece of chocolate with her name and Happy Birthday, so that was a nice touch! The Polar Pizza itself was the smaller size, serves...
wendys frosty

1 review

The frosty is one of my favourite dessert items. It is smooth and creamy. and tastes great. It is also a great alternative to regular hard ice cream.
Baskin Robbins

2 reviews

When my husband and I go to Baskin Robin’s for ice-cream we need at least 10 mins to make a decision. It’s very CRITICAL you see... There are 31 flavours to choose from. They have classic flavours and they have their seasonal flavours. To get the best of both worlds I urge...
Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough Ice Cream

27 reviews

I always appreciated the rich vanilla ice cream and chunks of flavorful cookie dough (the dough isn't dry and flavorless like some other cookie dough ice creams). Also love how the brand Ben & Jerry's stands together with anti-racism
Edy's Chocolate peanut butter

1 review

Have to say I loved this ice cream flavor it's not as sweet as I though and it's the right amount of sweetness where it hits the spot and you dont need a drink to wash away the sweetness and it has little peanut butter cups mixed in there that makes it perfect
krazy christian ice cream

1 review

This ice cream is THE BEST. if you don't believe in Jesus you will after you taste! And the best thing is, you don,t even have to go to church. One spoonful of Krazy Christian ice cream will drive you NUTS!!!!