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Miscellaneous Reviews

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Mr. Freeze Freeze Pops

49 reviews

One of the best ways to cool down some hot and sweaty kids! I still love them and indulge as well. I don't believe that the packaging is recyclable?
Monster Energy Drink

62 reviews

First of all the taste of this energy drink is delicious, so much better than a Red Bull! It does not leave a terrible after taste in your mouth and it goes down smooth. I believe this drink is a kind of sweet tasting energy drink with a full bodied flavor. As far as energy...
Little Caesars Crazy Bread

44 reviews

As a lover of carbs, Parmesan, and garlic I highly recommend Crazy Bread! I will caution you though, it can be very addicting, especially if you live or work next door to a Little Caesars!
kashi 7 grain with quinoa chocolat chip chia

17 reviews

I would buy Kashi Chia Granola Bar again and again a very nice mixture of dark chocolate ,almonds and sea salt love the taste and is a very good snack
Minute Maid Original 100% Orange Juice

25 reviews

Minute maid is a great drink , I constantly find myself buying minute maid products for the children in my home as well as for myself.Its an alright price depending on where purchased,can be bought in most grocery stores and tastes great .
Whole earth stevia and monk fruit sweetener

1 review

Whole Earth Stevia and Monk Fruit Sweetener is my new go to sugar substitute. I have tried many sugar substitutes and this is the only one that does not leave you with a horrible after taste. Also, with stevia and monk fruit your insulin levels don't spike like most sugar...
Presidents Choice Egg Nog

1 review

Our Family tried this over the holidays on a whim and we are so glad we did! Its excellent. The best Egg Nog we have ever tried and only brand we will buy from now on.
Kirkland Sliced Bacon - Natural Hickory Smoked

1 review

This Costco brand bacon is the best buy we have found so far. This product is one of the most bought items we get at Costco. The taste is great and you cant beat the price! A must buy for families!
Jennie-O Turkey kielbasa

1 review

We found this product while in the states and fell in love. It tasted amazing. We had a lot of meat cheese and crackers while visiting theme parks and pool side. Wish we could get Jennie-O products in Canada as they are so good!!!
Pizza Hut Boneless Wings

1 review

Pizza Hut of all places makes our favorite wings, we prefer the boneless. They are breaded and seasoned with a delicious dry seasoning, they are excellent to eat on their own, with or without sauce. They are always large in size, crunchy and hot, even when we get our order...

1 review

You have to try these they are amazing and dont give you a crash after The taste is phenomenal and they come in other flavours as well! Don’t wait go buy your smart cups today
Mrs Dash Table Blend seasoning

20 reviews

Dans l'idée où je désirais diminuer ma consommation de sodium j'ai essayé l'assaisonnement dash pour la table il s'emploie comme un sel pour donner du goût au repas mais il n'en contient pas les ingrédients sont des oignons déshydratés du poivre noir de l'ail...
Tia Rosa Taco Kit

13 reviews

This is a good Tex-Mex kit, the seasoning has the perfect amount of spices to enhance your chicken/beef flavour and the flour tortillas are decent too. Sauce is not the greatest. The price of this kit is a bit high though.
mccormick salad toppings

1 review

McCormick Salad Toppings are a delicious addition to a salad. They offer a perfect blend of seeds and nuts to add a little something special to your salad and increase the flavor. I have been able to coax my fiancee into eating more salads just by adding this blend to them!
F'real mango smoothie

1 review

This smoothie is really really good. It is made from mango puree and it only contains natural flavours. It is also not too sweet. It is worth the definitely worth the price.
F'Real Cookies N' Cream Milkshake

1 review

This milkshake is so good. There is so much cookie in it I love it. It is the best milkshake ever. It is so creamy and it is not too sweet. It is definitely worth the price.
f'real cake batter milkshake

1 review

Wow, I am very impressed by f'real smoothie and milkshakes. They are the best. It is healthier than other milkshakes, because f'real gives you the real deal.
f'real vanilla milkshake

1 review

I could really taste the vanilla. It is so creamy and has a really good consistency. The milkshake is not too thin and it is not too thick. I really love the taste of it.
f'rel berry yogurt smoothie

1 review

I like how this tastes. It tastes exactly like berry yogurt. It is quite nutritious because it contains real fruit and it also does not contain any artificial flavours. You are getting the real deal.
f'real strawberry banana smoothie

1 review

This smoothie is amazing. It does not contain any artificial flavours. It is made with actual fruits. It contains banana and strawberry puree. I would buy this again.