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Oatmeal & Hot Cereal Reviews

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Quaker Instant Oatmeal Flavour Variety Assortment

272 reviews

Our household loves the variety pack of instant oatmeal. No fighting over who gets what flavor enough selection so everyone is happy.. great hot cereal for when we go camping easy to travel with
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Apples and Cinnamon

62 reviews

As of now, this is my favorite oatmeal flavor! I love the taste of the apple ! Plus, it keeps me satisfied until lunch unlike other breakfast meals. It is super easy to make and I can eat it while going to work without it being messy! A must in a pantry!
Quaker® Overnight Oats Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch

36 reviews

These come in packs of two. I get the Coconut & Almond Crunch flavour as it has less sugar than the other flavours. I love the portion side of these, and I like to keep these on hand for quick weekday morning breakfasts. It’s easy to pour milk (or almond milk as I like to use)...
Better Oats Steel Cut Instant Oatmeal Original

2 reviews

For someone who doesn’t eat oatmeal regularly I was quite impressed with the taste and texture of Better Oats Steel Cut. I like the option of adding my own toppings like honey, nuts and fresh fruit or just on its own. Very easy to make as the pouch doubles as a measuring...
Quaker, Oat so Simple Strawberry Jam Limited Edition

1 review

When i saw this in the shop i thought it was going to be a sachet of porridge and a strawberry jam sauce but No, it was all mixed into the porridge oats.. a bonus an less mess. You're meant to put this in the microwave ( obv not the sachet) but i enjoy making it in a saucepan on...
Biscuits à l'avoine et aux raisins

1 review

j ai acheter cette sorte de biscuits a l avoine et aux raisins compliment venant du iga car il me faut plus de fibre et j avais gout de biscuit alors j ai acheter ceux ci et je croyais que c etais des biscuits ferme et j etais surpris car ils sont semi ferme et tres tres bon j...
Caramel apple quaker oatmeal

1 review

My son loves this oat meal. Its not to sweet but have great flavour. I would recommend this to anyone who loves oatmeal in the mornings for breakfast!
88 Acres Dark Chocolate Sea salt Seed'nola

1 review

I tried this tasty seed'nola by 88acres . I chose mine in Dark Chocolate and Sea salt. This isn't your typical granola and we went through this much faster than any other kind we've had in the house. It's made from healthy ingredients and it's DELICIOUS! You can use this as a...
Quaker Oats quick 1 minute

1 review

I feel good when I serve a healthy breakfast meal for my family. Oats is a perfect breakfast meal because it has fiber, healthy nutrients, and vitamins that everyone needs. It is definitely better than many other breakfast alternatives. Some may say it doesn't taste good, but I...
Bob’s red mill gluten free oatmeal cup apple+cinnamon

3 reviews

I #trieditfree. I loved the flavour of this and loved that there are flax and chia seeds in it, it makes it more filling. The apple pieces in here are super fresh and generous. A very yummy snack or breakfast food. My only complaint is I don't like buying individual portion...
Presidents Choice organic steel cut oats

1 review

I recently bought a package of this just because it was in front of me, I've never been much of an oatmeal person but thought I might use it to make oat milk. Since buying, I have been converted and am eating oatmeal every single morning! These are delicious, super healthy, and...
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar

41 reviews

The first thing I eat each day is this oatmeal . It’s easy to make , just add water, tastes great , great price and offers great sales and coupons to make it affordable when eating it everyday ! I also find because I have this first before my coffee it coats my stomach so I...
pc organic quick oatmeal

1 review

this is my favorite quick cereal, its really cheap and organic and thats the 2 major factor im looking for a food right now! I love PC organic products! they are cheap and high quality products! btw its $3 and it could last for a month :)
Bob's Red Mill classic oatmeal cup

1 review

I really love these little oatmeal cups. My favorite flavor is classic one because I can add my own fruits or other flavors in it. Very easy and quick to make. Very convenient for me to make this in the morning time when everyone is in hurry, my kids like it with Nutella. Only...
3 minutes Cream of Wheat Original

1 review

I enjoy eating hot oatmeal for my breakfast, then i found this. The taste is so light and filling for a hot breakfast. It only takes a few minutes to make. You can add fruit like raspberries and blue berries on top of the hot cereal. It is also an excellent source of Iron.
Bob’s red mill 5 grain rolled hot crreal

1 review

This five grain rolled hot cereal is an awesome product for me. I love oats and cereals. This is made of five various grains. Pretty much easy preparation. Just to boil for around ten minutes and add favourite fruits and honey. Too good and healthy. Gluten free, non-Gmo and all...
Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal Maple Brown Sugar with Flax and Chia

5 reviews

It is a decent oatmeal cup if you need a go to and pick me up oatmeal. It is easy to use as you will only fill it with hot water. It is also easy to bring around as it is light to carry and can easily store in your bag. It is expensive for the amount of oats it contains
PC Wheat Squares Cereal

1 review

These are so good. Absolutely crunchy and has four layers of whole grains. My whole family is fan of these cereals. Must have on grocery list. Great value product for everyday morning. Less sugary and actually dont need any sweetener. Thats a healthy option!
Yumi organics

1 review

The yumi organics oatmeal is delicious. I’ve tried all flavours and absolutely enjoyed them all. Their pre measure cup is amazing. Just pour in the oatmeal. Top your milk/liquid of choice to the line add whatever extra toppings you want (I use nuts) shake and throw it into the...

1 review

Quelle belle découverte que les sachets gruau déjeuner Holos ! J'ai commenté la boîte dégustation et suis devenue fan de la version Chai de ces gruaux déjeuner que l'on prépare la veille et que l'on glisse dans notre sac pour le bureau. Avec l'inuline, c'est une dose de...