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Pasta & Pasta Sauces Reviews

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Classico Rosé Sauce

9 reviews

Although compared to other pasta sauces, you could definitely find one for cheaper, I do think that the quality does live up to it's price. I really enjoy most of the Classico flavours, but this one in particular is so rich and delicious. Alone the sauce provides great flavour...

1 review

Dream fields pasta taste great with all our favourite foods. We enjoy all the different varieties. The blend of fiber and less carbohydrates lets us know we are eating healthy.
Catelli  Shells

13 reviews

As with most pasta from a box, it's simple to prepare and toss into favorite recipes. I like using smaller shapes pastas for chicken noodle soup, and this works well
r Kashi® Steam Meal Italian Vegetable Medley Pasta

1 review

I love this product! It tastes so good! It tastes just like me childhood. Yummy-goodness. I also love that it's Low Carb and on my DIET my brother loves it too!
Rao's Marinara Sauce

1 review

This is the only marinara sauce I buy. It's sugar free so it's perfect for someone on a keto diet. I will always buy this sauce even though it's a bit pricey compared to other pasta sauces.
Velveeta Shells and Cheese

7 reviews

My children love velveeta macaroni and cheese! This has been something we’ve ate in our family as long as I can remember! It’s a easy quick lunch or dinner idea and takes no longer then 10 minutes to make! I really like it and if you have kids they will to!
Compliments pasta

1 review

Decided to give Compliments pasta brand a try as the price was great What a mistake that was! It’s true that you get what you pay for! As soon as I put the penne in the boiling water they started to fall apart and I was left with a glob of pasta in a pot Never again. I sent...
Catelli Protein Penne Pasta

3 reviews

I buy this pasta whenever it is on sale because it is an easy way to increase protein in our diet. it is tasty and goes well with any kind of sauce. my family doesn't know the difference!
Classico Riserva Arrabbiata

1 review

Just tried this tonight. I was beyond thrilled with this Arrabbiata sauce. Being that this sauce in some places get's up to $6.99 I was concerned that the product would not live up to the price. Once I got the jar open, I dipped my finger in. The flavour was smokey from the...
Hamburger helper beef noodle

8 reviews

Me and my family really love ahamburger helped however the beef noodle seems to have too much spices in it. Pepper or something. I do still eat it though. Really easy to make, convenient and filling.
explore cuisine Organic Green Lentil Lasgne

2 reviews

I was sent a few selected products from Explore Cuisine to review on my blog. Some of you know I am a health freak when it comes to pastas because I don't normally like white pasta I like the brown/wheat pasta and I like healthy options when cooking. There is quite a few...
Barilla Ready Pasta Macaroni

2 reviews

I do not recommend this. I tried it and it was terrible. It just does not taste like pasta should taste. It’s more like cardboard. No one in my family liked it either. It is worth the little more effort to just make regular pasta, even if you get the ready pasta free.
Annie's Homegrown Shells & Real Aged Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

23 reviews

This is the best boxed Mac and cheese I have ever tried. Be careful though because you will quickly become addicted. Very creamy when made with butter. I wish I could still find it at Costco as it was a great deal there.
Primo Lasagne Oven Ready

1 review

The Primo Lasagne Oven Ready is such a convenient product to have in your pantry. You don't have to cook this pasta. The moisture from your sauce and other ingredients help cook the pasta to perfection. Same great taste as the Primo Lasagne Original but you can skip on step of...
Primo Lasagne Original

1 review

The Primo Lasagne Oven Ready pasta is so convenient when you don't have time to make pasta from scratch. The pasta cooks to perfection without tasting starchy. It doesn't stick either which makes it easy to assemble your Lasagna. I like knowing that this pasta is low in fat...
Olivieri Tortellini

5 reviews

This pasta is one of my all time favourites bevause you can have it as a side with really any meal or on its own ! Also last weekend I was at a gathering and for the first time seen it used as a cold salad and OMG it was soooooooo good !!!!
Del verde spaghetti

1 review

Del Verde pastas are by far my favourite pastas to use in my home. Best texture and taste I've had. We're lucky it goes on sale fairly often to make it affordable for the amount we consume!
Gnocchis Oliveri

1 review

Une belle découverte pour les papilles que ce soit pour manger en repas ou en accompagnement les gnocchis de oliveri vont vous surprendre! Vous les retrouvez dans le coin des pâtes fraîches, en seulement quelques minutes vous aurez une bouchée à la fois croustillante et...
Velveeta Skillet - Beef Stroganoff

1 review

I picked up a box of this Velveeta Skillet and it is similar to a Hamburger Helper. The only difference is that it contains a package of Velveeta Cheese sauce which makes the pasta saucier and creamier. I like Hamburger Helper type meals as a quick and easy dinner and this...
olivieri skillet gnocchi

11 reviews

Easy to prepare. You just hit them up in a skillet until they are browned. Cheese covered with a dough, they are not a traditional gnocchi. They are alright, not what I expected but ok for a side dish.