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Food Storage Reviews

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

279 reviews

Although this product does do the job and I do like it, I would definitely not recommend using it for food storage outside produce. Due to the fact that it is not made of glass, it stains very easily and does leave a bit of a smell afterwards.
Ziploc Freezer Bags

139 reviews

I use these bags for everything. Keeps things separate, it’s see thru and labelled. Obviously we use bags to store food >Dry Goods, Freezer Goods. Storage bags are great to organize and separate chargers, small kid toys, first aid bag, overnight / getaway toiletries bag...
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Containers

61 reviews

Nos aliments demandent un bon entreposage pour assurer un bonne conservation. Économiseur d'espace et facilement repérable par la couleur. L'étanchéité est assez fiable pour garder nos aliments longtemps, ce qui est important quand on veut économiser à long terme.
Swell bottle

35 reviews

I love this water bottle! I actually was introduced to Swell thanks to some merchandise our organization was selling on its e-store. I love that the bottle can keep your drinks either hot or cold for so long. The mouth of the bottle is wide which makes it ideal for putting...
Stanley thermos

1 review

My teenager was never a fan of cold lunches. He’s not want to bring sandwiches to school. What he wants are leftovers that are heated up. Since there’s always a line up at the school or a cafeteria microwave we have always been putting his lunches in a widemouth thermos. We...
knorr chilli garlic ketchup

1 review

I came all the way here to just request knorr not to ever compromise their chilli garlic quality and taste because it's amazing. yeah, I logged in just to say this because I thought they deserve it!
OXO Good Grips Pop Containiers

7 reviews

This is one of the best purchases that I have made for our Kitchen maybe even our house! They are a little pricey but very much worth the money. Every food that I have put in my OXO Pop Containers has tasted just as fresh as the day I opened the original packaging. Some...
Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap

1 review

This is by far the best plastic wrap I've ever used, for a number of reasons: 1) The size. I am on my second roll of this plastic wrap, and that's only for one reason-- my boyfriend and I just moved out from living with our in-laws and the other roll stayed there! We bought it...
Kitchen canisters

1 review

I love these glass kitchen canisters they have a gold fleck to them and are so sturdy considering they are glass I even went to pick up the biscuit one to match keeps everything so fresh and look simple on the kitchen sides
Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle

1 review

I wanted to switch over to glass bottles to chill water and milk. I bought a few carafes and jugs and settled on this one for personal home use. This is the one I use at home for when I'm in my room, living room, office etc. I've dropped this about four or five times and it...
contigo 32 oz bottle

6 reviews

This water bottle is expensive in my opinion but I like it so much I bought 2. It’s a great way to stay hydrated through the day. I like that the spout tucks away to keep it clean and you and lock it.
Egg Holder

2 reviews

This is a great container for eggs! It makes the fridge looks more organized and of course. Easy cleanup as well. We bought a couple of these containers and gave our mom and dad so their fridge would be organized too.
blue nike lunch kit

1 review

blue lunch kit keeps food cool longer than other lunch kits its really good quality and awesome and cool and awesome and cooooooool and aaaaawwwwsssssooooommmeeeee
rubbermaid takealongs meal prep containers  4 bowls 5C/1.18L

1 review

Although one of the containers had a hole in the side, they seem to be very solid for my needs (big salad for my lunches and vegies to snack on instead of reaching for junk.)
Roots Lunch Bag

14 reviews

I bought my lunch bag from Costco for around $20. This lunch bag is made with high quality material that is durable and washable. The bag itself comes with a freezer pack and it's own 3 piece plastic tupper-ware that fit's perfectly inside. There is a special netting inside to...
Ziploc à légumes

2 reviews

I love these storage bags!!! Recently I bought a lot of vegetables I’ve used these bags to store all the green onions, cilantro. leaf lettuce, white carrot...so they can last longer in the fridge.
Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container, Medium

12 reviews

I finally found one at Walmart the other day. I've heard a lot of good stuff on this product so I purchased it. Omg I'm so impress. I made soup and put the leftovers in the container. I turned it upside down and nothing leaked. What a seal on this container. I'm hoping to...
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Kit

15 reviews

These little "blocks" all fit together nicely, they snap together, which makes it harder to lose. They aren't too difficult for my 6 year old to get apart, either. i thought they ran a but pricey, but if they continue to hold up, they're worth it!
Bernadin jars

2 reviews

Always use Bernadin jars ,six es 250 and 500 . Use for jams and jellies and pressure cooking beef and bar clams . Great for storage of home condiments and left over soups .Nice plus is one can buy new covers and snap lids .
s'well water bottle

1 review

I could not believe after 24 hours there was still ice in my water bottle. I thought it was just hype for name and being cool. Boy was I wrong .It is worth all that money.