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Accessories Reviews

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Old Navy Stores

117 reviews

I love the kids & baby clothing and they can have good sales. The stores always seem to be very messy and the staff aren't overly busy. Maybe I just show up on days when there aren't any supervisors....
DAVIDsTEA Timolino 12 oz

50 reviews

This cup, is so convenient. It is easy to use and holds a lot of team. It is quite durable and I am hoping to be able to use this for a while. It is definitely worth it.
Lululemon Athletica Luon Headband

98 reviews

I have boughten a few head bands from lulus and for myself, these are the worse. They don’t stay on my head properly. I have to readjust it so many times during my workout. My training gets interrupted and it drives me nuts, so out they go! The colours are great and I love the...
Shoppers Optimum points

12 reviews

I have to admit this is the best points card out there I seem to get points without realizing it sometimes and probably why I shop there its a win win all the way around...they also send stuff that I could use for points just love it some other places have to step up for points...

1 review

I love contacts and used to wear them years ago when I was told I needed glasses. To make a long story short, turns out I never needed glasses to begin with and was damaging my eyes for years. Anyway, I miss my colored contacts and wanted a few decent pairs that lasted more than...
Pocket pray mat

1 review

Super size Has a compass Can fit in my pocket or hangbag Water proof and so can keep clean Mobile use Comes in different colours I have red Awesome product and not to expensive
Monster High Dolls

35 reviews

My daughters love these and tend to ask for them as gifts alot. Only down side is they come apart and in doing so make little pieces like that hands, part of the arm ect which arent good if you have smaller kids around. Also those little pieces are easily lost.
Life Expressions Ltd

1 review

I lost my father to cancer 3 weeks ago, it was hard to say the least because he was so young, being only 60. Anyway, while we were at the funeral home planning the funeral we browsed their show room which was full of many items, but these necklaces caught my eye. We were given a...
Han Solo Millenium Falcon Operations Manual Bag

1 review

This purse is one of the coolest purses I own! Anytime I wear it out I get tons of compliments. Beautiful quality and well crafted! Thank you, this bag is an amazing addition to my Star Wars collection!
Buffalo Ladies Socks

1 review

I buy these from Costco, pack of 8 assorted neutral colors for around $15. They are the tall style, I buy them specifically to wear in my tall calf length boots because they don't slide down. They are like most socks and are soft, comfortable to wear, have great durability, and...
Odour ban cat litter

1 review

I tried Odour Ban cat litter years ago and love it. Other brands do not compare. I do not like the smell of cat litter when you enter a home. With this litter you can stand directly above it and it still smells great.
Dimples Excel Balaclava

1 review

Not being originally from here, I've struggled with the Canadian weather for a while. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter. This is the first time I've tried a Balaclava and I've got to say, it's a gamechanger! The worst thing for me in the -15 degree weather I tried this in...

3 reviews

I've been buying from Eyebuydirect for several years and have recommended them as a good source of quality frames at affordable prices several times. I have never had an issue with the site and appreciate its versatile and comprehensive search and sorting functions.
Under Armour Ladies Ankle Socks

2 reviews

They're just so cute and come in handy when the weather gets cooler and I cant go out in my bare feet. I can't stand anything higher and these are so comfortable and they keep my feet and toes a lot more warmer than other brands to, my choice for sure and not a bad price either...
Anker bluetooth headphones

1 review

I bought Anker headphones two months ago. I really like them as they are wireless and have a good range of connectivity. The battery life is 8 hours which is pretty good. However I've been noticing that one side hardly works anymore. It was alright in the start but now the...
I12 tws ear buds

1 review

Packaging great. Small no extra gimmicks. Light weight buds. In case with magnetic closure. Button on front to power on/off. Buds have automatic charging in box. Light weight. Easy to function and automate pairing To Bluetooth.
Lululemon hair elastics

1 review

Okay so they’re expensive and they’re Just a hair elastic, yes. But they’re cute and I love them. Plus they’re reflective. When I wear them on my wrist people always compliment me on my beautiful “bracelets”.
Wen hair bomb

1 review

lt smells great, it's lightweight and reasonably priced I guess the best feature would be the smell and how great the product hold. I'm completely satisfied with this hair bomb by wen.
Cole Haan socks

1 review

No show liner socks are so comfortable and they DON’T slide of your feet whether you are wearing boots or shoes. The sticky part on the heels keeps them in place!! I found 6pairs at Costco for $10, I will be running out to buy another pack. Looks great with converse shoes :))
Apple pencil

1 review

I knew I wanted a stylus of some sorts, but didnt realize how awesome this one was. The price is something that could be more desirable.. but other than price, it's amazing! I have purchased 2 other brands styluses, both are okay and for 1/10th or 1/12th the cost of the pencil...