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Campagnolo Reviews - Toronto

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    January 16, 2011

    I came here for a friend's birthday and I was quite disappointed in my experience at Campagnolo. Much to say, this review is biased (of course) and from the perspective of a normal person/person who grew up with a family full of chefs.

    ***If you are a fan of fine dining with miniscule portion sizes, then this review will not be helpful for you.***

    I found their menu to be pretentious and offensive.

    First of all, what kind of restaurant serves olives as an appetizer for 6$? Olives are CONDIMENTS you find next the pickles in the condiments section at your grocery store. On top of that, the portion size was extremely small too >:(

    The risotto ($17 for approx 1 cup serving) was not cooked properly (it should be al dente). It was mushy and quite soft. I was still starving after that meal. Anyone who charges 17$ for one cup of risotto had better make it *bleeping* perfect.

    The salad (beet & blood orange/ celery root and parmesan) was just humorous. When I looked over to my friends' salads, I thought they had already eaten it. What I was looking at were stunned faces - shocked and in disbelief that their salad only contained a few thinly shredded pieces of vegetable.

    Another friend ordered a $4 baguette and gougere - it was basically a 5"x1" puff of crispy air and 2 puff balls. They also complained it was stale. Bread as an appetizer is just SIMPLY WRONG.

    While their meals were very pricy, and portions ridiculously small - the taste was generally good, ambiance - lovely, and servers - friendly.

    In conclusion, if you are a normal person (like me) who enjoys a tasty and normal sized meal - then this restaurant is NOT for you. And...don't ever come to this restaurant hungry unless you want to spend at least $100 on yourself.

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