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Nikada Sushi Robata Reviews - Scarborough


Nikada Sushi Robata is a all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant located in Toronto. Go to http://mikadosushirobata.dining.ca/index.php for more information.

    Address: 1883 Mc Nicoll Ave
    Scarborough, Ontario
    Phone: 416.754.8838

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    February 03, 2011

    We went to Nikada to try it out for dinner. The good thing about this restaurant is that they are very eco-friendly but the bad part is they are reusing some of the FOOD! My friend asked for a bowl of rice but then when we got it it looked like it was already eaten from which was pretty nasty. We did all you can eat so we asked for a lot of food because we were starving. We didnt even get all of our food though, they only gave us like half of the things that we ordered. We also ordered the baked clams thinking that it was going to be amazing because it looked good when someone was eating it. Right after we ordered it, in like 1 minute it was at our table. That seemed weird because my rice with beef wasnt even out yet. THe clams were cut in half and the shells looked reused because they were black. Then when i asked for a 4th Nestea the lady gave me an unpleasing look and she said," SO much man" and then i was like ," ITS ALL YOU CAN EAT LADY!!!!"
    I heard that the grilled food was really good but it came out cold and the mackeral looked like it was rubbed on charcoal. They didnt even give us another sheet to order more and they never came around to check if we needed something.

    Overall not very good

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    July 16, 2010

    After looking at a few glowing reviews throughout other sites, my friends and I decided to try it out for Friday lunch.
    While we weren't expecting much for an AYCE sushi lunch, I didn't realize it was possible to be this bad.

    All of the rolls were soggy and tasteless, the fish on the sushi all tasted really old and watery. The cooked items, which most of the other reviews praised were even worse, the beef and chicken tasted really sour and weird, it was either rancid or just seasoned really badly.

    You can expect the usual AYCE stuff here, the menu is mostly the same as the other places, and they'll probably only give you 70-80% of your order, again, pretty common.

    Lastly, this is not really a complaint but just to inform other people, pop is not included on the price unlike some other places.

    At $10.95($12.99 Fri,Sat) for lunch AYCE, you really cannot expect much, but definitely a lot more than what Nikada can offer.

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 01, 2009

    Once you step into this restaurant, you will be greeted by all sushi chefs and waitresses who are all dressed in kimono's. The place is very nicely decorated and very clean.

    I had the all you can eat menu which only runs from 2-6 PM on Monday-Friday for $13.99. They have lunch specials as well as dinner a la carte.
    The selection is different from the other all you can eat places but very impressive none the less. They don't offer your typical appetizers like beef ribs and such but they have authentic raw fish like UNI, HAMACHI and baked oyster! These aren't offered at other all you can eat places, which makes this place worth it!

    They have the special dragon rolls and all the other rolls that people are familiar with. The sushi pizza is quite different here but a delectable choice! It's usually deep fried rice topped with salmon, but at this restaurant, it's on a bed of rice topped with spicy sauce, salmon, seaweed and tobiko. It is deliciously light and easy to eat. The tempura isn't so flaky but just the right batter to make it crispy. The fish are fresh and just melts in your mouth! The food over all at this place is great!

    **note: The signs outside the restaurant says Nikada but their menus inside say Mikada. So I'm not sure which name they refer themselves to. They had just opened about a month ago so maybe they're still undecided about their name? I don't know, but if you're going to google the restaurant, I suggest typing in both!

    The location of this restaurant is on Mc Nicoll Avenue and Kennedy Road.

    Updated On: February 23, 2010

    So I went back recently and it's officially called Nikada Sushi Robata instead of Mikada.
    Also, they serve all you can eat dinner now! For $18.99 from Mondays-Thursdays you can have all you can eat sushi and the best part, they have baked oyster (1 Max per person) but even so, it's delicious! On the weekend dinners, just add $2!

    Lunch is now $10.99 from Monday-Thursday and $12.99 on the weekends.

    Definitely worth going to!

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