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Sears Soiree of the Senses Reviews - Toronto

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    November 17, 2008

    Spoil yourself at Sears Soiree of the Senses!

    Sears sold me on the idea of this exclusive soiree for ticket holders only, where there will be gift packets handed out at the entrance, facials, free makeovers, massage, food and drinks, exclusive deals, gifts with purchases, personalized consultations, demonstrations, and more! So I arrived promptly at 6pm with my ticket in hand ready for a girly night of some "primping and pampering" (their words not mine).

    I headed for the table at the front of the store to show my ticket, and although I'm sure the girl there was put there to allow ticket holders entry, she had no idea what I meant when I handed her my ticket and kept repeating that I'm here for the Soiree (I think she didn't know what "soiree" was...I guess it was my fault I should have said event or gala or something like that, but I was just using the word they used in their promo). She had a promo flyer open so I pointed out the word. Anyways, when I asked her why I was told this was exclusive to those who bought a ticket, but I'm seeing everyone is allowed entry, she agreed with me that buying the ticket was pointless...hmm....

    Still I went in with high hopes of facials and makeovers and 'personalized consultations' only to learn that there were no facials, makeovers only happened if you bought at least one product first, and personolized consultations was just the staff asking 'are you looking for anything' and thats it - nothing that can't be done on a daily basis at any Sears / Bay / Cosmetic Counter. And all of this was available to 'non-ticket holders' too so really I wasn't getting anything at all to justify spending $10 on the ticket.

    On top of everything, the staff were oh so not polite!! I guess the staff were tired after a long day of work, but they were quiet rude!! I was joking with another customer that we should eat as many of the teeny tiny eggsalad sandwiches as we can to compensate for paying $10 for the ticket (this customer was another rare one (dumb one) like me who actually paid for this) when one of the staff members serving the fingerfood cut in and started arguing with me...!! yikes.... I actually ended up asking her why she's arguing with me. because she wouldn't drop it..lol ah well I do have some sympathy for overtime workers but not much because I also worked the entire day and went there after work, and I also work overtime most nights but I would never ever argue with clients, regardless whether they were right or wrong, and certainly not butt in their conversation to argue.

    I did end up buying a Lancome Mascara Set for $30. I got $8 off because of my ticket (they were actually reluctant to give me this $8 off because they wanted to see the reciept I got when I purchased this ticket, showing them this ticket is apparantly not enough!!). So I paid $30 - $8 (coupon) $10 (entrance fee) = $32 tax. So I actually paid $2 more for a product than I normally would have...wow!!

    Needless to say this is the last time I would ever buy a ticket to get sort of Soiree or Gala regardless of how glamorous they make it sound!!! Why buy the ticket when everyone is legitimately getting in for free?

    All in all it was a very bad experience and I would not recommend this to anyone.

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