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Ste. Anne's Country Inn and Spa Reviews - Grafton
    Address: RR#1
    Grafton, Ontario K0K 2G0
    Phone: 1.888.346.6772

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    November 19, 2009

    I've heard many good things about this spa but had never been because I tend to pamper myself more with clothes than luxurious spa experiences. Recently my friend suggested we try the Pure Bliss Day Spa package, $165 that includes a $100 spa gift certificate, lunch, a wellness class, full access to the facilities and grounds for the day and afternoon tea.

    I sampled 3 treatments: Pure Aroma Massage (starts at $65), Coconut Breeze Treatment ($120) and the Caribbean Foot Rejuvenation ($65). 

    I'll start with my favourite! The Caribbean Foot Rejuvenation was heavenly. You start with a foot cleansing and exfoliation sitting in a chair, then move to the massage table where your feet are covered in an Aveda mask (one I've used for my face many times) then wrapped in thick heated towels. As your feet absorb the moisture and heat, you experience an incredible scalp massage. There are few treatments I love more than a scalp massage and this one was glorious. I chose vanilla as the oil that was used in my hair. Once that is complete, you get a lower leg and foot massage and lotion application. Though it was only 30 minutes but it didn't feel short. I almost fell asleep.

    The Pure Aroma Massage was soothing but not the deep massage I prefer. You select 3 oils that are gently massaged into your back, legs, arms and neck. Parts of the massage were tickly and light. At first I thought that the massage therapist was afraid to hurt me and told her she could apply more pressure. She explained that this type of massage is supposed to be extremely gentle and soothing, so if you prefer a traditional Swedish massage or more of a deep tissue experience, I'd recommend against this particular selection. The Swedish massage is the same price and also incorporates your choice of oils.

    The Coconut Breeze Treatment was also a highlight. It features full body exfoliation via gloves the esthetician wears as she scrubs you down, followed by a shower (she leaves the room of course!) and then a massage and application of coconut oil. I enjoyed this massage more than the aroma one. It was deeper and more relaxing. The coconut oil made my skin baby soft and I felt like all of my worries had melted away by the time it was over. This treatment was provided compliments of the spa from their thoughtful PR.

    Lunch was small but scrumptious. I ordered the pasta which was more filling than my friend's salmon, and it was followed by an amazing chocolate mousse torte.

    Afternoon tea featured a selection from their extensive tea menu, a buffet of scones, cucumber sandwiches, brownies, fruit and heavy cream. We probably weren't supposed to, but we sat there for about 2 hours refilling our tea pots and plates with goodies from the buffet. If you've done a full day treatment by that point you are so relaxed you hardly notice you've spent the whole day in a bathrobe and have no qualms stuffing yourself and giggling about the fun you've had.

    The staff were all so kind and wonderful to deal with. One person that bears special mention is Ed. I'm not sure what Ed's official role is, but he goes about the sitting area making everyone feel comfortable clearing away empty glasses, welcoming familiar faces and new ones alike and asking how you are enjoying your day. There is just something about him that is really special. He was so sweet to me and my friends I wanted to hug him.

    I later emailed the spa and asked what his background was. It turns out he was the Catholic priest who was excommunicated for stating that he thought the ordination of women as priests in the Roman Catholic tradition should be allowed. Do you love him more now?

    My friend and I agreed we'd make this an annual tradition. Next time I want to come back for a weekend and do some horseback riding and hiking through the trails. It's a gorgeous property.

    I highly recommend a visit and you will see why this one of Ontario's very best spas.

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