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Zahra Alterations/Betty Brite Cleaners Reviews - Ottawa

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    March 01, 2015

    This woman is a crook and a horrible seamstress! I brought a gown there last Summer for a simple hem. When I picked up dress 3 days later 1 day before wedding she pointed to the hem and said "nice nice". It was a SURGE!!!!! The bottom of this beautiful gown was an exposed SURGE! She charged me $67.80!! I 've never felt so violated or taken advantatage of or friggin stupid that I didn't research her beforehand. I paid it and took it to the best where they were dumbfounded that not only was it a SURGE at that price but an uneven SURGE! They charged me $10 to fix it because they felt awful for me and had it ready the next morning the day of my brothers wedding

    Connie'a custom tailoring
    Billings Bridge Plaza, 2277 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X6
    (613) 521-1834

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    September 18, 2014

    I ripped my favourite pants and I was devastated! Luckily I brought my pants to Zahra Alternations and got everything taken care of. She was SUPER friendly and my pants were as good as new! I will be going back for any and all future alternations.

    thank you!

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    April 04, 2007

    Okay, so I may have spoken to some of my friends about how much I really enjoyed going to Betty Brite/Zahra Alterations, located at:

    1911 Baseline Rd
    Ottawa Ontario
    K2C 0C7

    I have had a HUGE change of heart today. I used to only get my pants hemmed there, as I'm am super short. They did it in a fairly timely manner and for really cheap. I have recommended this place based on such experiences.

    Today, I write this note to tell everyone not to go here. Here's why:

    First, before I get into the big story- they make you change in a room with a glass door and window where everyone can see you change!

    Now for the doozie:

    My sister has THREE weddings to go to this summer and she is in every single bridal party, which can get super expensive buying all the dresses and then having them altered. We aren't even including stag & doe parties, etc, etc! I recommended Zahra Alterations since they did such a good job on my pants.

    We went in, they took literally thirty (30) seconds to pin here and mark there of what needed to be done and she said that it would be "$150". That was way too much, so she dropped it down to $140.20. She changed the price THREE times, but didn't fluctuate that much. For f***ing alterations. I have had a dress fully made for less than that! After we got into the car and drove off, we called some people, heard that we were being ripped off, and went back.

    My sister was nothing but polite to them about asking for her dress and $20 deposit back. Although the lady knocked the price down to $100 my sister still declined, saying that she could find a place for $70. This is where it all went downhill.

    My sister practically had to beg for her dress and deposit back, and only got $15 of the $20 dollars back. The lady was even like "and I'm taking my pins!!!!" And five dollars? Why? YOU DID NOTHING!!!!! She claimed we took up too much of her time. Yeah, all of thirty damn seconds!!! They were so friendly before with their "bella bella!", and now they are acting like a f***ing nightmare!!!!! These people are crazy! Honestly, we took more time going up and down the stairs then she did on pinning and chalking up hem lines.

    During this her son, or whoever that guy is that works in there with her came in, heard my sister say that she was never coming back and that they were unprofessional, so he started to get in her face and SCREAM at her to "GET THE F*** OUT". She told them that you can't treat customers like that and they were all like "I don't need your money; look at all the dresses I have to fix!". Then why not give the whole deposit back, you crazy **@#$#@$#$&#$*@#$@!!!!???

    Just to let you know, they did do all of this in front of another customer. That can't be good for business! They just lost two customers right here, and all of our friends and family. I have also posted this on facebook to 200+ people.

    And people wonder why the bigger businesses win against the small ones. They know something about CUSTOMER SERVICE. Tomorrow we are going to the BBB about them. That is how horrible we were treated.

    If they had treated her with respect and not try to squeeze so much money out of her and act like crazy people, they would have had TWO OTHER DRESSES to alter for her. She could have recommended this place to all her friends who have weddings, etc, etc. But instead we are boycotting them. They are horrible people and do not deserve business.

    I was going to post a picture of Hitler, but I decided to only do that on facebook. I don't think anyone wants to see Hitler on chick advisor.

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