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 AXE is a brand of male grooming products, owned by the British–Dutch company Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic.

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AXE Reviews

AXE Black Body Wash
This body wash smells so good and the scent lasts all day even when ive gone to bed. Every time i go to the store and need a refil i get so excited because of how good it smells.

AXE Black Body Spray
I have been using Axe products for years now. When people comment about the smell, it is generally in a positive way, especially this one. It is not as strong as a cologne, just a nice fresh smell.

AXE Gold Body Spray
I got this as a sample to try for my husband and must I say I was very mesmerized by the smell of this. Very refreshing and calming, unlike others it didn’t hit me in the nose when my husband was wearing it. Hubby loved it and we’ve already bought another one of these. Must...

AXE YOU Body Spray
AXE YOU Body Spray

206 reviews

Another added smell my collection of axe products, back and forth with them daily and is definitely in my top 3 for effectiveness, smells great, chicks dig it and lasts all day. Great for the I didn't have time to shower days or an quick blast if freshening.

AXE® Ice Chill™ Body Spray
This body spray has been my teenager best friend. It’s great for the gym bag, and after practice. The spray holds all day too. I would definitely recommend it.

AXE® Ice Chill Body Wash
I love this AXE it was very strong to keep your after work smell disappear. I love that nice clean feeling. I truly liked this AXE and will buy this in the future. I recommend this . I LOVE IT WAS FREE.

AXE Gold Wash & Care Shampoo
I like this shampoo. It is probably one of my faves. It smells great, lathers well..what's not to like. This brand is general makes good quality products.

AXE Black Deodorant
I like this deodorant. It masks the smell good, does not make me sweat extra, and lasts for quite a while. I would purchase again...especially if its on sale haha

AXE Ice Chill Antiperspirant Stick
This is exactly what i was looking for. Smells great and no odor after a full nights sleep. Their products are always great but this one in particular is heavenly. Great product!!

AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray
This spray smelt so good and it lasted awhile. My gf wants me to wear it a lot more and expects me to buy it all of the time which I was planning to anyways.

AXE YOU Body Wash
AXE YOU Body Wash

151 reviews

I normally use other brand's body wash, but they were not satisfying. I was reluctant to move to a Axe. I bought Axe Apollo initially and its been 3 months its amazing, I am in love with it. The scent is amazing and last for longer. It does the job very well. will recommend to...

AXE Gold Shower Gel
This smells so good. I really enjoy using this shower gel and will be buying it again. I feel so fresh after using this shower gel. This definitely does not dry out my skin.

AXE® Ice Chill™ 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner
My hair feels nice and definitely not dry. My hair felt soft and very smooth. All in all, this is a very effective product. I am happy with my purcharse. I highly recommend it.

AXE® Ice Chill™ Deodorant
While it was as long lasting as my normal brand, I would hardly say this was a 48 hour deodorant. 24 hour tops, and that would have to be a very light day of not doing anything.

AXE Black Antiperspirant
This is one of my favorite deodorants. It glides on smooth and works for people with sensitive skin. I really like the smell and get lots of compliments when I wear it. The best and to me the most important thing - is that it works all day long and I don't feel like I have to...