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 AXE is a brand of male grooming products, owned by the British–Dutch company Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic.

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To @jassidhu95 and @DerekGerard, leaving cover seemed like a good idea in the moment. It was very not. 🤣… https://t.co/t8B3QuNPvj

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AXECanada  AXE Canada

In the heat of the game 3, @NickEh30 and @RangerMJP joined forces to battle it out with @Methodz. Who came out on t… https://t.co/P3xjpkaby5

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AXECanada  AXE Canada

To @jassidhu95 and @DerekGerard, leaving cover seemed like a good idea in the moment. It was very not. 🤣… https://t.co/aG7VMkTnYt

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AXE Reviews

AXE Black Body Wash
I love the smell and it’s my go to body wash if I have it on the shopping list. If you use this, there’s no need for perfume afterwards yet. I would recommend this.

AXE YOU Body Wash
AXE YOU Body Wash

151 reviews

I normally use other brand's body wash, but they were not satisfying. I was reluctant to move to a Axe. I bought Axe Apollo initially and its been 3 months its amazing, I am in love with it. The scent is amazing and last for longer. It does the job very well. will recommend to...

AXE® Ice Chillin' Body Wash
I have been using this body wash for more than an year. I like the smell. Its so refreshing and cool. As it feels summer time wash sometimes, i try to repurchase always when i run out of my body wash.

AXE Gold Shower Gel
I’ve used plenty of body washes, however, like a razor, I prefer a men’s style. This body wash lathers well and leaves a scent that lasts longer than any other body wash I’ve tried!

AXE Adrenaline Cool Charge Body Wash
This stuff is amazing! The smell is exactly like the name, after my shower I feel fresh and smell great! I like the way my body tingles when I lather up.

AXE Anarchy For Her Daily Fragrance
This deodorant kind of smells like a Ralph Lauren perfume. The only downside is that it doesn’t have great long lasting coverage for body odor. However it smells amazing

AXE Sneakers and Cookies Body Wash
I do not mind any axe products my hubby uses. Most of them smell wonderful except this one. I dont know what smells like sneakers or cookies about this flavour of axe but it just stings my nose. It is super strong and not the best of their scents.

AXE Signature Skin Hydrator Body Wash
I was surprised at how effective this product was with moisturizing my dry skin. Smells great too! I love the use of this product daily, and I keep it in my routine.

AXE Urban Charcoal Clean Body Wash
Bought AXE URBAN CHARCOAL CLEAN BODY WASH after smelling at least a dozen body wash products while I was at the pharmacy. This one had a faint smell of an odor I could remember smelling as a child so I just had to grab it. All in a single bottle? 5 stars for being effective at...

AXE Phoenix Shower Gel
My husband has been using this brand and scent for around 10 years. This is literally the only Brand and scent my husband will use. He has every product from the Phoenix scent. He always smells amazing :)

AXE Wild Body Wash
I received this product beginning of April and I use it in the shower every day. With proper usage it had lasted me until today. The scent is amazing and it does not leave your skin dry. I like it alot and will certainly repurchase.

Axe Apollo Body Wash
Hi there ! So not only dose my hubby use this product a lot I also to do after a long stinky day of work! It makes your skin feel amazing and the lovely smell will carry with you for a few hour and help keep stinky boy smell away! It really works not many do and I will never go...

AXE Anarchy Body Wash
Stop. Don't waste money on axe products. I don't know what they di but ALL of their products makes me itchy and give me a dry skin. The original body Wash was awesome couple years ago they changed the scents I don't know why but since them I can't use it.

AXE Anarchy for Her Body Wash
The only thing I would change about this is to make it more available when it's not christmas. I love this stuff and think it smells great but can only find it around Christmas in the gift sets usually.

AXE Twist Body Wash
Axe bodywash is a great product. It lathers up well and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Also the aroma lasts all day leaving me feeling fresh and revitalized. A must try product.