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Campbell's Reviews

Campbell's Soup at Hand - Garden Tomato
Love these soup at hands, the come premixed and in a convenient microwaveable container, you can sip through the lid and no spoon needed, I love these for work, and easy and quick meal I can have at my desk while I am working. They also taste great, the tomato is very creamy and...

Campbells Clam Chowder Large Can
This is my alternative to Chicken Noodle. Filling .. Creamy .. Tasty .. Anti-Stomach Growling .. Covers all food groups .. Lick-ety split .. Time Saver :D

Campbell's Tomato rice Soup
My favourite soup ! Love this twist on tomato soup, grilled cheese pairs perfectly with it. It’s my 2 year olds favourite lunch we both could eat this everyday

Campbells Vegetable Broth 500mi
As a vegetarian, this is the broth that I use as a base when making my own homemade soups. It's pretty light in flavour so I definitely have to add my own salt, pepper and other spices. Always very inexpensive & usually on sale!

Campbells New England Clam Chowder
I love Clam Chowder - this has lots of potatoes & a nice amount of clams in this products. Has a nice taste to the soup. Great for lunch as a side with a sandwich or as a starter for dinner.

Campbell's hearty noodles beef
I used to be someone who loved noodles and as I got older i just didn't seem to like them anymore and I came across this particular product from Campbells and they are so much better quality than the others at the grocery store. I have these every now and than as a snack In...

Campbells Chicken A La King
I buy at least 3 of these at a time. I use one for soup, one to mix into macaroni, and one to pour over chicken. Soooo good.

Campbells Mushroom Soup With Garlic 10oz
This was on sale the other day for .99 and I bought 10 because I use it for so many different recipes. Good tast, economical

Campbell's Avengers Chicken pasta soup
I am not a big fan of canned chicken soups, but I ended up eating this one because it had a picture of avengers on it, and we were camping so i figured it would work well. Overall this product is not different from regular chicken soup, except the Avengers branding.

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Golden Butternut Squash
I’ve always loved this soup. It came out when I was 15 years old and it’s still on the market today. Great way for me to get a serving of veggies and enjoy a nice tasting soup at the same time. Add sour cream for an extra kick, it really helps!

Campbell's Classic Recipe Soup-Scooby-Doo
Ate this as a kid. I did like the soup, it was actually a better tasting soup than let's say chef boyardee. I do find the shapes cute and can be fun for children as well. What do you think, have you tried it?

Campbell's Sweet Potato Tomatillo
I really enjoyed Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Sweet Potato Tomatillo soup. It's very easy to prepare, I just had to empty it into a sauce pan and heat up! Makes for a fast meal for a busy mom on the go! The flavour was great, with the taste of sweet potato with an added kick. One...

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
I love to keep this product on hand. It adds so much flavour to a dish and you only need a can of this and a few other ingredients to throw together a quick and delicious meal. So comforting and delicious!

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup
Campbell's chicken noodle soup is the best the taste is incredible can't get enough it smells good to, so I do recommend this product full of flavour absolutely delicious..

Campbell's Vegetable Soup
I used to have this soup all the time as a kid, and I still enjoy it as an adult. The vegetables are always tasty and of reliable quality. The amount of vegetables and noodles are a good amount, enough to have some in every bite. You can have one can yourself but it is better to...