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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, often abbreviated DQ, is a chain of soft serve and fast food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc, which also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. For more information visit dairyqueen.com

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Dairy Queen Reviews

Dairy Queen Blizzard Cakes
I love making homemade ice cream cakes, but I love DQ Blizzard cakes when we don’t have time to make our own. They are always a crowd-pleasing hit! I have never had one that doesn’t taste amazing, with high quality ingredients.

Dairy Queen Blizzards
I had strawberry cheesecake and brownie dough , i loved them a lot both of had nice strong flavours and it does not felt as what blizzars is known for .

Dairy Queen Banana Split
The DQ banana split is amazing. Just the right amount of strawberry, pineapple and fudge. Even better with chocolate Ice cream. Bananas are always not too yellow or too green.

Dairy Queen Brownie Xtreme Blizzard
If you what a taste frozen treat,the blizzard is it. Great on hot days or even onsnowy day it cannot be beat. Hurry on down and don't take your time. Love how they turn the cup upside down and the ice cream does not fall down

Dairy Queen - Blizzard in a Cone
It's really worth buying no matter what whether you're in. It;'s good for a quick sweet tooth date with yourself or with anyone. I always get my sweet cravings by visiting Dairy queen.

Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Blizzard
If you’ve ever wondered what cotton candy taste like before it’s melted and becoming fluffy, the blizzard answers the question. It’s sweet, filled with cotton candy sugar crystals that melt in your mouth. mixed with the ice cream, it’s summer festival in a cup.

Dairy queen - cheese curds
There aren't a ton of options for cheese curds in GA since this isn't Wisconsin where the best cheese curds are made. DQ is my closest available source for cheese curds and they certainly do a good job. The only place down here that does better is Culver's (not surprising since...

Dairy Queen Dipped Cone
These of course are great if your inside dinning and have plenty of napkins! They’re dipped in hot toppings do of course they will be messy. I would not rev one d these in your car or even for a child no matter where your eating.

Dairy Queen DQ Oreo Cake
I love that it holds the soft serve in the ice cream well for a few days if you have a small family. Quite expensive, and our local DQ was skimpy on the whipped topping so I might request extra next time. I LOVE the fudge center plus the oreo layer!

Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait
The closest dairy queen to us is about 25 minutes away. Any time we are in that area I make sure we stop and have some ice cream. My ultimate favorite is the peanut buster parfait

Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard
This is hands down my new favorite blizzard on the DQ menu! I hope it sticks around all year long, or at least every summer! It is the perfect mix of ice cream to cookie taste and is DELICIOUS!!! The texture is perfect, and flavor is exactly what you expect from the name of the...

Dairy Queen Oreo Ice Cream Cake
If you have never had a dairy queen oreo cake omg your so missing out. It's a must have for every occasion. So yummy every layer. The oreo crumbs mixed with the ice cream gives it that perfect balance. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate ice cream but when you bite into this cake an...

Dairy Queen Blizzard Cupcakes
OMFG! THis M&M;Blizzard from DQ is all of the above u get a nice crunch a brain freeze tell u its refreshing then u get a nice taste of M&M;and icecream JUST OMG WOW

Dairy Queen Royal Cheesecake Blizzard
The royal cheesecake blizzard is the best blizzard in DQ. It is so fill of cheesecake pieces, the icecream is so rich and creamy. Every spoonful totally delights your taste buds.

Dairy Queen DQ Oreo Blizzards
Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the whole cookies and cream thing, but thank goodness my sister talked me into just trying the Oreo Blizzard bc..omg! The best part is that it's not just cookies blended finely throughout some ice cream. There were actually some pieces and even...