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Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

4589 reviews

Ferrero rocher is my absoulety favourite chocolate. Unlike most girls, I'm not great fan of chocolates, but when i tried ferrero, it change my mind. Now i can go for ferrero rocher. The packaging is so cute and it's worth every penny. Such a good snack

Ferrero Raffaello
Out of the Ferrero family, Raffaello is the most delicious for me. Coconut? Check. White creamy filling? Check. Macadamia nut? Check. All of it together? Ding ding ding- that's a winner folks! As I have zero willpower, however, stopping at one is not an option for me. So...

Ferrero Rocher Easter Squirrel
The Ferrero Rocher squirrel is made with the same ingredients as there other Ferrero Rocher products just in the shape of a squirrel instead of the traditional bunny. This tastes great but i do wish that they made it a bit smaller with a nutella filling instead of hollow...

These chocolates are always excellent. They are a great value for the price and always appear to be packaged with care. The appearance makes them attractive for dinner parties as well.

Ferrero Golden Gallery Advent Calendar
I got this item as a gift prior to Christmas and I love it! It comes 7 different types of chocolates and it even includes a chocolate for Xmas morning (most advents only go up to 24 so this was an extra treat). MY favourite ones are the dark chocolates, but the citrus one...

Ferrero roundnoir
Out of all the feerero chocolates ROUNDNOIR is my favorite yummy little chocolate sprinkles over a creamy chocolatey tasting center and a nut mmmso good wish I could just find a box of these ones instead of in. Collection of different kinds .Love dark chocolate

Grand Ferrero Rocher
What a fun and unique way to enjoy FERRERO Rocher chocolate! It is so beautifully packaged that I had a difficult time bringing myself to open it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the large chocolate sphere was protected with the plastic ball (which my children can have...

Ferrero Eggs (Cocoa)
This seems to be the egg version of the dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher variety without the extra chocolate chunks on the inside and outside. The shell is dark chocolate covered so you don't get too much sweetness until you bite and break open the crunchy crispy shell. The inner...

Ferrero Golden Gallery
I love all the flavours in this assorted box. The Golden Gallery only seems to be available at Christmas, which is better for me because it is something to look forward to and a great gift for those people that are hard to find things for.

Ferrero Rocher Novelty Bunny
Vraiment bon cest un de meilleure chocolat surtour avec le nutella et les bonne noisette! Ca ne coute pas chere aussi miam j'en acheterai souvent merci

Ferrero Duplo Chocolate Bar
This was very similar to the Kinder with some differences to note. This milk chocolate contained an airy and tasteless wafer with a light cocoa creme and a crunchy hazelnut in the centre. It was small, but delicious (and probably would not fill up a hungry stomach.) This may be...

ferrero eggs ( hazelnut)
Can't wait to get them again next Easter. Individually wrapped and perfect for hunting. Slightly bigger in size and less sweet than other types of chocolate egg available. Compared to the regular Ferrero Rocher, they seem to have a crispier shell, more creamy hazelnut filling...

Ferrero Rocher Easter Bunny
They are extremely delicious and I just couldn’t take my hands off them. It is very hard to eat just the one chocolate. A perfect present for someone special.

Ferrero Garden
My favourite.. can never have enough. I like it better than Ferrero Rocher.