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Ferrero Reviews

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

6594 reviews

Well from my title you can see I will talk about why Ferrero Rocher chocolate is expensive. First of look at the design of the package, our eyes mostly goes with the design packaging first when we try to buy something so from that side we can see how beautiful they made the...

Ferrero Raffaello
My soul that speaks when I delight in a Raffaello chocolate. Not as always, because I take care of my health, but when my soul asks for certainty that I eat and adore.

Ferrero rocher dark chocolate bar
I love the original truffles and I love that they’ve now made them into chocolate bars! They do come in a variety of flavours but I recently tried the dark chocolate. It’s a smooth chocolate taste and very rich in flavor. There’s a crunchy outside coating and a silky and...

Ferrero rocher fine assorted confections
All three different types of chocolates are to die for! They are beautifully packaged and taste even better than they look! They are creamy and sweet without being overpowering, either. Buy these periodically at least a couple times a year.

Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature
I cannot say enough how much my family loved these chocolates! Personally, Ferrero has always been at the top of my wish list every festive season. If I don't find those delightfully rich and crisp golden wrapped treats in my stocking- Santa has some explaining to do! The...

Ferrero Coconut
Ferrero Coconut

3 reviews

Not my favourite but for coconut and ferrous lovers, this is a lovely tasty treat. Just make sure you have a plate to hand to save you from looking like you have dandruff after eating them! Good quality and enjoyable though.

Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar
I love eating Ferrero Rocher during the holidays, and this advent calendar provides a great mix of assorted chocolates! Not only do I get the classic Rocher, I also get to try the dark Rondnoir and the coconut raffaello - all delicious but my new favourite is definitely the...

Ferrero Rondnoir
I like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, but it's not something I crave for. Except for these Rondnoir. They are a mix of Kinder Bueno with Ferrero Rocher, with dark chocolate. "A dark chocolate pearl, surrounded by creamy chocolate filling within a delicate crisp wafer, covered with...

Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature 240g
I LOVE boxed chocolates! I enjoy trying new things so I love the variety that a box of chocolates offers. I really enjoyed Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature. The assortment features eight varieties. Each one was delicious and there were some unique, distinct flavours. The...

Ferrero signature golden gallery
ferrerorocherca is my favourite chocolate of all times!. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the new Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature, and I’m in love! These are so delicious! Each one has their own; unique combination of flavours and finely crafted.

Ferrero Rocher USA
The products that they made in the USA do not compare to the high-quality you could get from France. We could do a lot better but they choose not to . The value is no longer worth the chocolate. The chocolate you get from them now is completely comparable to Nestle chocolate. I...

Ferrero Rocher Easter Squirrel
The Ferrero Rocher squirrel is made with the same ingredients as there other Ferrero Rocher products just in the shape of a squirrel instead of the traditional bunny. This tastes great but i do wish that they made it a bit smaller with a nutella filling instead of hollow...

Ferrero Golden Gallery Advent Calendar
I got this item as a gift prior to Christmas and I love it! It comes 7 different types of chocolates and it even includes a chocolate for Xmas morning (most advents only go up to 24 so this was an extra treat). MY favourite ones are the dark chocolates, but the citrus one...

Ferrero roundnoir
Out of all the feerero chocolates ROUNDNOIR is my favorite yummy little chocolate sprinkles over a creamy chocolatey tasting center and a nut mmmso good wish I could just find a box of these ones instead of in. Collection of different kinds .Love dark chocolate

Grand Ferrero Rocher
Ferrror Rocher is my all time favourite and great for a small family and sweet lovers like my family members. It’s very reasonable and offer different flovours which makes our summer more sweet.