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Ferrero Reviews

Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

5806 reviews

These have to be my all time favourite chocolates. I simply adore the chocolate-hazelnut combination, and often purchase them for myself or to give as a gift. The contrast between the crunchiness of the wafer and nuts, and the creamy center are absolutely delicious!

Ferrero Raffaello
I love love love this chocolate. It has a perfect ratio of creamy white chocolate goodness and a crispy shell. Perfect as a treat or a pick me up on a dreary day. Definitely must try.

Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature
I cannot say enough how much my family loved these chocolates! Personally, Ferrero has always been at the top of my wish list every festive season. If I don't find those delightfully rich and crisp golden wrapped treats in my stocking- Santa has some explaining to do! The...

Ferrero Rondnoir
I like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, but it's not something I crave for. Except for these Rondnoir. They are a mix of Kinder Bueno with Ferrero Rocher, with dark chocolate. "A dark chocolate pearl, surrounded by creamy chocolate filling within a delicate crisp wafer, covered with...

Ferrero signature golden gallery
ferrerorocherca is my favourite chocolate of all times!. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the new Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature, and I’m in love! These are so delicious! Each one has their own; unique combination of flavours and finely crafted.

Ferrero rocher fine assorted confections
These classic chocolates really offer the perfect gift for friends or family. They come in a variety of 3 flavors and everybody has their favorite which is perfect since the box comes in a perfect size for sharing with people around you. The product can be a bit pricey but it is...

Ferrero Coconut
Mmmm I was craving these chocolates today so I thought I'd share a review. I LOVE the Ferrero brand, especially the original Rochers, but I also love this variation. It's a unique combination of flavours, but ones that pair so well. It has delicate coconut on the outside, and...

Ferrero Rocher Easter Squirrel
The Ferrero Rocher squirrel is made with the same ingredients as there other Ferrero Rocher products just in the shape of a squirrel instead of the traditional bunny. This tastes great but i do wish that they made it a bit smaller with a nutella filling instead of hollow...

These chocolates are always excellent. They are a great value for the price and always appear to be packaged with care. The appearance makes them attractive for dinner parties as well.

Ferrero Golden Gallery Advent Calendar
I got this item as a gift prior to Christmas and I love it! It comes 7 different types of chocolates and it even includes a chocolate for Xmas morning (most advents only go up to 24 so this was an extra treat). MY favourite ones are the dark chocolates, but the citrus one...

Ferrero roundnoir
Out of all the feerero chocolates ROUNDNOIR is my favorite yummy little chocolate sprinkles over a creamy chocolatey tasting center and a nut mmmso good wish I could just find a box of these ones instead of in. Collection of different kinds .Love dark chocolate

Grand Ferrero Rocher
I love love love this chocolate. It has a perfect ratio of creamy white chocolate goodness and a crispy shell. Perfect as a treat or a pick me up on a dreary day. Definitely must try.

Ferrero Golden Gallery
Indulging in the goodness of some finely crafted signature chocolates by one of my favourite chocolate companies @ferrerorocherca . . . Also, the chocolate box seen here is no longer full as I gobbled up a half of the pieces within 10 minutes 🙈.. Any chocolate lovers like me...

Ferrero Eggs (Cocoa)
This seems to be the egg version of the dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher variety without the extra chocolate chunks on the inside and outside. The shell is dark chocolate covered so you don't get too much sweetness until you bite and break open the crunchy crispy shell. The inner...

ferrero eggs ( hazelnut)
These are so tasty and good for Easter treats. Its great that they're small and just enough to satisfy your sweet craving. I actually prefer these to the orginal chocolates because they're not too rich.