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Jamieson was started in 1922 and is Canada’s oldest and largest manufacturer and distributor of natural vitamins, minerals, concentrated food supplements, herbs and botanical medicines. Jamieson celebrates their 88th anniversary in 2011 from a position of strength, market leadership earned by consistently providing innovative products of the highest quality, purity and safety. Some of their popular products includes Zinc & Vitamin C Lozenges, and Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

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Jamieson Reviews

Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C in Natural Tangy Orange
I have been taking religiously for a few months now and haven't gotten a cold yet, even though the temperature outside has been rising and falling quite dramatically. They taste amazing too!

Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count
what is nice is that these vitamins are always on sale somewhere... i'm assuming that they work well because I'm taking it for a medical condition and it seems under control. they are easy to swallow (very small)

Jamieson Baby-D Vitamin D3 400 IU Droplets
these drops are great we use them all the time as a family to give us that extra bit of vitamin d, but yes please check with your family doctor first before you buy this product.

Jamieson Vitamin B12 Fast Dissolving Tablets
Great tasting vitamins! I'm not a fan of dissolving these under my tongue because it takes way too long. Instead, I frequently chew or just swallow these because I have no patience! They get the job done.

Jamieson Chewable Citamin C in Juicy White Peach
I've tried many different vitamin C tablets but these by far are my favourite. They taste delicious!!! If you have trouble with getting enough vitamin C in your diet add these tasty tablets.

Jamieson vitamin D gummies
I love this Vitamin D gummies by Jamieson, it has citrus flavours, 1000 i.u. These taste like candy, I usually take these three per day, to help combat my eczema and depression (great for mental health). Those were on sale along with my SDM points which has an offer. Will buy in...

Jamieson Prenatal Multivitamin +DHA
A cheaper but quality prenatal vitamin to take before, during and after pregnancy. The added DHA does wonder for my nails and hair! It tastes like vanilla as well

Jamieson Folic Acid
I have taken this for about a month now and while I don't see any clear benefits yet of using this supplement for hair growth (recommended by doctor), I dont see any negative side effects either. The bottle was about $6 for 100 supplements so I will probably continue using the...

Jamieson Gorgeous Hair
This is a strong vitamin, it contains 10,000 mcg of Biotin. My hair was very thin and weak, and I was losing a lot of hair everyday, but after taking this vitamin for about 3 weeks my hair is looking thicker and healthier.

Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D
good chocolate flavor. Easy to chew, provides a nice vitamin D boost. I take these as part of my supplement regimen especially in winter months to bring up my vitamin D levels

Jamieson Kelp
Jamieson Kelp

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I have just purchased Jamieson Kelp tablets to help regulate my thyroid to speed up my metabolism. Kelp is a great source of minerals and Vitamins. I have a slow metabolism and this helps me to lose weight with no side effects. Kelp is a source of natural iodine. A few years ago...

jamieson chewable vitamin c + zinc
since these are chewable they are basically candy to me.. but healthy/ good for you to eat. which is great since it recconfs you can have up to 4 a day- but also doesn’t say there is a max amount so some days i can eat up to 10 ( hehe my bad but they’re just so yummy)...

Jamieson Natural Sources B12
I eat a balanced diet but like to make sure I’m getting all my B vitamins! These supplements are small and gels, so easy to swallow and I never have any side effects :)

Jamieson Prenatal 100% Complete Multivitamin - Chewable
I really love the taste. I dont even have to suck it all the way.. just chew and swallow with water or juice. I am very thrilled cause it doesnt give me nausea after.

Jamieson Multi Gummies for Adults
I have been taking these for a long time now. I buy online 4 at a time when they are on sale. They are the only gummie vitamin that I have tried and liked. It’s a twice a day vitamin, without taking any other meds at the same time. They are delicious and I could easily eat a...