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Jolly Jumper

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Jolly Jumper Reviews

Jolly Jumper with Stand
I bought this jolly jumper on stands when my son was a baby and he absolutely loved it. He would get so much joy out of bouncing himself up & down. The giggles & laughter would last for what felt like hours.

The Original Jolly Jumper
I love this joly jumper and I would recommend this to every parents. I got that for my son and I loved every bit of the experience! he loved being in it and jump I also got the musical mat along with that and he loved stepping on it. I was fun making memories with my little one...

Jolly jumper eze bather
This product is an absolute game changer when it comes to bathtime. My three-month-old outgrew the standard bathtub and was not really ready for a bath seat or the bath sling. This is a perfect alternative. It allows a hands-free hold so that you can wash their hair and their...

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover
I purchased this off of amazon for my LO. It is amazing. It blocks the wind and keeps him warm in the carrier. It comes with a hood and has an elastic that goes around their feet to keep the wind out. I love that it has pockets for me too!

Jolly Jumper Shopping Cart Cover
I dislike the Jolly Jumper shopping cart cover! It is such a pain to put it in, then once you do get it in, it all shifts and falls out of place once you put baby in so you are constantly adjusting it. It's not a "one size fits all product" so its either too small for very...

Jolly Jumper  on a stand
My son loves to jump and this is perfect to take any place it works great he just loves jumping and when you put it away to store it takes hardly any room

Jolly Jumper Maternity Support Belt
This saved my life while I was pregnant with my third child. I had a very physical job and it put a lot of strain on my back. Having this belt to take off some of the pressure off was amazing!

Jolly Jumper Rocking Bassinet Stand
This was handed down to me by my sister, and we used this for the first few months after my daughter was born. It is amazing! So light and easy to transfer-- to different rooms, and easy to pack in a vehicle when visiting. She had given us a "moses basket" to go in it- not...

Jolly jumper crib railing guards
This item is terrible. I wanted to return it as soon as I purchased but figured I was overreacting. The material is cheap and SUPER thin. My son was able to chew through to the wood without any trouble. I don't mean slight scratches, I'm talking deep bite marks. When placed on...

Jolly Jumper Pashmama Nursining Scarf
I purchased this nursing scarf at walmart and though it feels wonderful I probably wouldn't buy one again. It is cute as a scarf though I wish it was longer so you could wear it in different styles. The fabric feels great but when nursing it gets very hot underneath it. I used...

Jolly Jumper Pregnancy Pillow
You'll never know you needed one till you try it out and sleep great for the first time in months ! Great for taking the pressure off your pregnant body, Best purchase i've ever made

Jolly Jumper Car Seat Cover
J'ai acheté cette pochette pour le siège d'auto de Joly Jumper pour mon deuxième enfant chez Barbie r us. J'ai été vraiment ravie de ce produit. Il a été très utile et efficace durant l'hiver. La pochette venait avec un appuie tête et supportait bien la tête de mon...

Jolly Jumper Diaper Bag
This diaper bag would do great if you didn't have to pack much around, but after only a short time the straps starting to rip and now it looks pretty homely.

The Baby Sitter - The Pillow to Grow On - Nursing - Play Pillow
A must have for a breastfeeding momma! Great quality and puts baby at a great height for feeding. Comfy for baby as well. MAde breastfeeding so much easier, without having to hold baby the entire time!

Jolly Jumper Weathershield for Infant Car Seat
Jolly Jumper Weathershield is excellent at keeping baby dry and protected from the wind. They are also great to use on your strollers Very Durable.