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Kleenex is a brand name for a variety of paper-based products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels, and diapers. The name Kleenex is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Kleenex products are manufactured in 30 countries and sold in more than 170. Such Kleenex brands include Viva, Cottonelle and Huggies.

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Kleenex Reviews

Kleenex Expressions by Isaac Mizrahi
To me, this product is best product as it is decent, affordable and ultra soft which makes you feel good while using it. I loved all the different designs; very unique and great thing to decor your room.

Kleenex Facial Tissue With Lotion
These are by far the best facial tissues for when you have a runny nose from allergies or a cold. They are soft from the lotion and won’t make your nose chapped and sore. A little expensive but definitely worth it for the comfort.

kleenex ultra soft
Avec l'hiver qui arrive c'est très importants d'avoir a la maison ou a la porter de la main des mouchoirs. Ils sont tellement doux et aucunement irritant pour le nez de mes enfants.

Kleenex trusted care value pack
At one time I bought these 6 boxes at a time, my Mom who was in nursing home would go through Kleenex very fast. She loved the softness, value, and that they came in colors. She wouldn't loose them in her white sheets as she was bed ridden. She was a good advertisement as she...

Kleenex On the Go
I need a lot Kleenex. I don’t care for generic. Although I’ll use it. But this tissue pack is the best. It’s in a slim pouch so it doesn’t take much space in your purse.

Kleenex Brand Tissue - Ultra Soft
When they said it was like blowing your nose in clouds i didnt believe it. But after having given it a try it definitely is. There is nothing better than blowing your nose with kleenex.

Kleenex The Original tissues
I have used these all my life and so did my mum. They are soft to touch, not to big or too small. The price is decent but even better when there on offer at Tesco's for a pack of 2 for £2.

Kleenex soothing lotion
These tissues are really worth the extra spending. I have a sensitive nose/skin and I have to blow/wipe my nose quite often, and they really do not chap my skin.

Kleenex Soothing Lotion
I have very sensitive skin - easily irritated, gets red and sore when dealt with too toughly. So I always hated getting a cold or flu for more reasons than just being sick. Blowing my nose always made it sore and raw. But using Kleenex Soothing Lotion tissues I don’t have...

Kleenex Wet Wipes Sensitive With Aloe and Vitamin E for Hands and Face
Amazing wipes. I scanned and these popped up but I picked up the individually wrapped pack. Not great for the environment, but wonderful for throwing one or two into your bag and not have to take the entire pack around with you. These come extra thick and soft, and are great for...

Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissue
I love how ALL Kleenex products are cost-effective choices for a healthier lifestyle for all the ages of my family members. I admire how environmentally friendly and/or biodegradable these Kleenex tissues are and how they are also free from harsh chemicals that would be...

Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover
Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover pads work well. I love that they don't sting my eyes or get really sudsy like some other makeup removers. Sometimes depending on what brand mascara I use, I can have problems getting it all off, but overall I'm very impressed.

Kleenex Fresh  On The Go Wipes
this product is needed more than ever because of virus threat and infection. it may not be a potent solver of problems but being hygienic and clean will at least minimize impact of acquiring disease. this product is great for cleaning on the go

Kleenex plus lotion
Kleenex soothing lotion is my #1 go to Kleenex when I have a cold 🤧 I love that it moisturizes as I blow my nose 👃 so I don’t get raw cracked skin this stuff is a life saver and keeps my nose from being on fire 🔥 I absolutely recommend this to everyone!

Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere Pack Facial Tissues
I have a hard time on winter because my nose gets dry and sometimes stuffy. So I love this kleenex tissues, I can take it everywhere and it is soft to my skin. A lifesaver.