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Lady Speed Stick

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Lady Speed Stick Reviews

Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin 24 Hour Invisible Dry
found this at my local Dollar Tree and I was so impressed at the quality of this product. I have also tried another scent called Wild Freesia, and they both smell so amazing!! I highly recommend this if you have body odor. This product keeps my body odor at bay--I can't smell it...

Lady Speed Stick Clinical Protection Power Anti-perspirant
Je racheterais se produit sans hésiter. L’odeur est agréable en plus d’avoir l’effet désirer. Un produit de protection des odeurs très efficace. Je recommande.

Mennen Lady Speed Stick Power 24 h deodorant
Left stains on my clothes and also the smell was horrible . I through this out after three days of trying it !!!!!!! I work in a warehouse and it did not last 8 hours left alone 24 hrs like it states on the product

lady speed stick power 48h protection gel invisible
I absolutely hate this product. The gel makes your underarms feel like they are wet. And to to make matters worse it doesn't even work. I recommend that no one waste their time and money on this.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard Anti-Perspirant Powder Fresh
I LOVE Lady Speed Stick deodorants, but this one failed me. Not only did it not protect me, but also it ruined a number of my favourite shirts. Greasy, hard to remove stains appeared on my clothes. I blame palm kernel oil on the ingredients list. So I consider it the worst...

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Anti-Perspirant
I bought this anti-perspirant on sale and thought "Why not?". Here's why not... it doesn't work. Not for me at least. Sure, the product smells good, but it only lasts half a day and it did not stop me from sweating one bit. I'm a skinny 110lb girl who hardly sweats anywhere...

Lady Speed Stick fresh infusions coco fresh
I have always liked lady speed stick, it works great. I find it is starting to become a bit pricey, but what isn't. I do prefer the fruity smells, especially the raspberry one.

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Plus Fruity Melon
This product has an excellent fruity smell and gets the job done. As someone who is bothered by the smell of perfume this is the perfect product for me

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Plus in Orchard Blossom
I love my deodorant and obviously can't live without it. This is one of my favorite scents. #smellpurdylike #girlyissues # smellinlikeflowers #lidiessmellloverly

Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Gel Anti-perspirant
I finds with the gel underarm deo it leaves me feeling sweaty and dirty. But of I gets the normal white stick I feels clean and refreshed at all times.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard in Daringly Fresh
The one and only underarm antiperspirant that will keep me fresh all day with no markings on my clothes and easy to use. Love this product and always will

Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Non-Stop Protection
I have always bought this deodorant for as long as I can remember, i always like the different scents that they have and always goes on smoothe, and little black dress approved

Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof Anti-perspirant
I normally need stronger stuff like drysol to keep me dry, but last time I went to get some, they were all out so I had to look for an alternative. I normally use the regular lady speed stick (after drysol), so decided to try the clinical version. It was more than double the...

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Plus in Summer Citrus
I love the smell of all the Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions - and I especially love when this brand goes on sale. I have a ton of different scents, but summer citrus is my go-to and my favorite. I find it works better than most other brands and it does not leave marks on my...

Lady Speed Stick Unscented Antiperspirant & Deodorant
This lady speedstick does a fairly good job, I wear it everyday in the summer and it definitely works for me. It keeps my armpit dry. It doesn’t leave any stain. Good product overall.