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Lean Cuisine

Lean Cuisine solutions for food service operators who want to satisfy the healthful yearnings and flavour-craving palates of their guests. Choose from vegetarian delights, Asian-style dishes or traditional comfort food. Each product is a combination of intriguing tastes and better-for-you ingredients. Lean Cuisine products help make eating healthy delicious.

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Lean Cuisine Reviews

Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations
I love this, so healthy, amazing flavor and easy to prepare. This is everything you need when you are tired and don't have the mood to cook. I for sure recommend it.

Lean cuisine meat lasagna
The meat in this one isnt slimy like I find most frozen meals are. The tomato sauce is tasty and doesnt seem watered down. Decent amount of cheese! This is first time I have been impressed by lean cuisine.

Lean Cuisine Garlic Parmesan Alfredo with Broccoli Cauli' Bowl
Lean Cuisine Garlic Parmesan Alfredo with Broccoli Cauli' Bowl I like the flavor and texture. The cauliflower noodles and broccoli are very tasty and cooked up just right. This product contains higher nutritional values than I thought. The calcium, protein, potassium and fiber...

Lean cuisine chicken in wine sauce
Lean Cuisine chicken in wine was very tasty. Good mixture of veggies and meat. Paired with a nice salad this would make a nice lunch or dinner. Little small to eat on its own. At 160 calories with the salad this would be a great way to drop a few pounds.

lean cuisine shrimp and angel hair pasta
Lean Cuisine Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta is a pretty good dinner. Aside from being quick and easy, it makes a pretty filling lunch. It is full of small, tender and tasty shrimp that lay on a bed of angel hair pasta. They give you a nice amount of shrimp and pasta! The sauce is...

Lean Cuisine Veal Parmesan Frozen
I bought this for $1.99 at Sobey's. I put some fresh broccoli & red peppers on it & it made a great tasting meal for just over $2.00!!! Oh yes, and I melted some cheese over it too! Yummy!

Lean Cuisine Herb Baked Chicken
A lot of frozen dinners are very bland. This one is delicious and as an added bonus, it is only 2 points on Weight Watchers! The only drawback is that the serving is fairly small but add a vegetable and you are good to go! I will be buying this product on a regular basis.

Lean cuisine cheese ravioli
I got these because they were cheap and looked good, but the cheese inside is made from sheep’s milk and it’s not the best taste. If you like the taste of goat cheese than you’ll like this as it’s similar but personally I didn’t like it. As far as frozen pasta goes...

Lean cuisine
Lean cuisine

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We have been buying these dinners for a few months and they are pretty good for a quick meal. I like to get them especially when they are on sale. They make a good quick snack, lunch, and even dinner sometimes.

Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Glazed Chicken
This is one of my favorite Lean cuisine flavours. The chicken is tender and the rice is cooked perfectly. The sauce is flavourful and yummy. I'd buy again.

Lean cuisine chicken fettuccine
I love all things lean cuisine, but this particular one is out of this world! The chicken is such good quality and the pasta and sauce are super tasty! Definitely not a let down.

Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmigiana
I was not sure if I was going to like this, it didn't look that tasty but I was wrong. It's super delicious and my favorite way to have it is to add mozzarella cheese on top when you stir it the first time.

Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli
As a person on a budget and who enjoys Lean Cuisine products this one was so good! I love butternut squash anything and it was so yummy and comforting. The sauce was nice. I’ve bought it a few times and will continue to do so when it’s on sale!

Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken Club Panini
Lean Cusine Panni's are awesome. They taste awesome. Hot and gooey. Salty and Tasty. They are cheap and quick. They are so easy to cook. OH, and get this they don't add 50 million pounds to your hips. That's what I'm talking about.

Lean Cuisine Shrimp Alfredo
I am pretty sure that I have tried all of the Lean Cuisine Dinners but I may have missed one or two since they came out with some new ones.I don't have them very often because, my Husband thinks it's only enough in them for a young child to eat.I feel differently because just...