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Discover the rich and smooth flavours of McCafé®. We’ll help you start your morning right with that first perfect sip and brighten your whole day with an assortment of delicious hot and cold beverages – including our smooth, creamy and cool Iced Frappés® and made-for-you Smoothies®. See more here.

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McCafé Reviews

McDonald's McCafe Coffee
This is the only coffee we buy around our house anymore. It is so tasty and has that genuine coffee taste. Not watered down at all! Love love love it. Would definitely recommend!

McCafé® Premium Roast Coffee K-Cup® pods
These pods are my morning go to coffee when I'm running late and don't have time to make fresh coffee. They taste great and keep me caffeinated. I even serve them to guests and they like them.

McCafé® Premium Roast Ground Coffee
Brewed up really well, full flavor. Shared with my coffee loving friends and they all agreed that it was yummy. Nice aroma, not bityer but bold. Would recommend.

McDonald's McCafé Iced Coffee
I love coffee! I don't need a ton of different flavor varieties or extras when I need a cup so McDonald's Iced Coffee is perfect. Without an expensive price tag it always hits the spot!

McDonald's Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe
This drink is my favorite summer drink tops any cold beverage while I'm out on the go. The mix of chai and vanilla is delicious can't wait for my mcdonalds to start serving them again.

McDonald's McCafe Vanilla Iced Coffee
Mcdonalds coffee is overall pretty good. It has a bold, strong, and full flavour. The vanilla gives a sweet hint when iced, and it has the perfect ratio of cream to coffee. I wish the drink came with less ice and more coffee

McDonald's McCafe Frappe Caramel
The caramel Frappe is to die for. I have to have one everyday. Idk if it’s the syrup, or the actual frappe itself that tastes so doggone good. I love love love these

McDonald's Caramel Coffee Iced Frappe
I have 5 boys who live McDonalds happy meals. Everytime we go there I get a caramel Frappe and I absolutely love it. I can say yes I have had better but when out and about it's a most have.

McDonald’s Protein Smoothies
I'm drinking this right now for the first time. It's not what i expected, I thought it would taste as good as the smoothie without the protein. Right now i am drinking the strawberry banana and to it taste like a Flintstones Vitamin (I hate them). I'll force it down because I do...

McDonald's McCafe Caramel Flavoured Syrup
I love the frappe's at McDonald's, I buy one every day, and I've gained weight to prove it. They are not very expensive and if you download their apt to your phone you get a free one, any size for free. All you have to do is when you buy one, hand them your phone and they scan...

McDonald's McCafé chocolate latte
This is an absolute favorite of mine. Anytime I need a boost in my day thia drink helps to me to stay focused and really brings a lot of energy. It is very sweet which I love and flavor is spectacular. The price is redonkculous but I love this drink so thats it totally worth it...

McDonald's McCafe Mocha
I often work long days. This gets me through the endless end of my shift. Always delicious. Always refreshing. Always my personal reward. It's a little costly but still cheaper than the competition and I prefer it to the more expensive one. My only complaint is that there aren't...

McDonald's McCafe Deluxe Hot Chocolate
I’m really not a fan of the hot chocolate here it’s overpriced and tastes so watery would be much better if it was made with hot milk and no water to emphasise the chocolate taste

McDonald's McCafé strawberry banana smothie
I love the strawberry banana smoothie. Always tastes great! It is not to thick and also not watery, one the the best smoothies I have ever had. It is a staple of my regular McDonald's order.

McDonald's Oreo Frappé
There is Way too much Oreos the whipped cream is nasty McDonald’s is just nasty itself never go there terrible staff ran terribly by managers and nasty smdrink