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Wherever pain targets you or your little ones, rest assured that MOTRIN® will target it back. Which means muscle aches, headaches, sinus pain, fevers and pain associated with coughs and colds don’t stand a fighting chance against MOTRIN® products. And look out fever - MOTRIN® brand relieves you for up to eight hours.So when pain targets you, target it right back with MOTRIN®.


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Motrin Reviews

MOTRIN Super Strength IB Liquid Gels
I usually don't take motrin or ibuprofen for occasional mild to moderate pain relief because it doesn't help me in parricular very much so I tend to use aleve or tylenol but during some health issues with my liver I had to switch to only Motrin for a while and i do have to say...

MOTRIN Liquid Gels Regular Strength
This product works really well for back pain, tooth aches. One capsule last for hours. Easy to swallow and fast acting. Would highly recommend to others.

Motrin MOTRIMAX™ 12 Hour Liquid Gels
I have horrible migraines and arthritis This product served me well. Doesn't make me drowsy and I can get on with my day in less pain. And it does work for hours

Motrin Platinum Muscle and Body
Sometimes I get really bad back pain. That's when I take Motrin Platinum muscle and body capsules. It helps with relieving my pain fast. It helps relaxes muscle spasms, tense neck muscles and back pain. I only need to take one pill and it works very effectively. For me...

Children's MOTRIN Oral Suspension
I find this works perfect for my son. I can see it works quick and very effective. I have no issues with it. My son likes the taste. Which that would be a problem because if he didn’t like the taste there would be no way for him to take this.

Infants' MOTRIN Suspension Drops
I use Motrin for my children when teething, and it has always been a lifesaver, no other product seemed to take the pain away for them! I would recommend this product to anybody