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Wherever pain targets you or your little ones, rest assured that MOTRIN® will target it back. Which means muscle aches, headaches, sinus pain, fevers and pain associated with coughs and colds don’t stand a fighting chance against MOTRIN® products. And look out fever - MOTRIN® brand relieves you for up to eight hours.So when pain targets you, target it right back with MOTRIN®.


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Motrin Reviews

MOTRIN Super Strength Liquid Gels
I love Motrin and I keep a bottle in pharmacy cabinet at alll time. They are my go to for menstrual cramps, a few minutes them boom! I feel like new. I have been taking Motrin for years and they still work for me, when some pain killer after a while doesn’t have any effects...

MOTRIN Liquid Gels Regular Strength
This is my go to pain relief when I have a minor flair up with my fibro. Relaxes the muscles and back pain. Also helps with my headaches and fevers. Doesn’t make stomach nauseated.

Motrin MOTRIMAX™ 12 Hour Liquid Gels
I use it regularly before bed for muscle and back aches. It aids in me getting a great sleep and being pain free and refreshed in the morning. I have used it after long days of skiing or hiking and it works great!

Motrin Platinum Muscle and Body
I have always had pain in myback and my legs from arthritis.Trying to find a muscle relaxing pain reliever is hard for me. the first time i used this I couldnt believe how much it helped.

Children's MOTRIN Oral Suspension
When my child is ill, Children's Motrin is my go-to medication. I have peace of mind that the product I am giving my child both works and doesn't contain dyes. The dye-free berry is a medication that my child will take without fussing- no bitter flavors or struggles over...

Infants' MOTRIN Suspension Drops
Best pain relief. We've been using this product for many years, from six months until we move on to Childrens' Motrin. It's effective for pain and fevers. It tastes fine and the children never have an issue taking it!