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Oikos Reviews

Oikos Greek Yogurt
Oikos Greek Yogurt

323 reviews

I love this yogurt for a few reasons. 1. It’s creamy taste and texture. It’s not watery like some others, and has a really creamy rich taste. 2. I love how it has many assorted flavours ( and unique ones at that ). And 3. It’s great taste. No skimping on flavour with this...

Oikos Greek Yogurt Lime
I picked up a pack because I was intrigued what lime flavored yogurt would taste like. I have had the usual fruit flavored yogurts but never limes. Maybe I am a prude when it comes to yogurt flavors but I definitely did not like the taste of this yogurt. It was tangy and sour...

Oikos Greek Yogurt Coconut
If you love coconut, you will adore this flavour. Real coconut pieces and outstanding flavour. Feels decadent without the guilt. Big bonus is that this flavour comes in 750ml containers. Wish more flavours came this way. Yummy.

Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt
I only eat plain yogurt and this one is by far my favourite. The yogurt is smooth and not bitter tasting. There are also not many carbohydrates in this yogurt

Oikos Greek Yogurt Creations in Orange-Choco
Oikos did a fantastic job on this flavour! It tastes like a real orange with chocolate - nothing artificial tasting about it. While they do still pack some sugar, they are high in protein and definitely are a great option for a treat or mid-afternoon pick me up!

Oikos Greek Yogurt Pineapple
Picked this flavour of greek yogurt up as my SO loves pineapple everything! There was something that tasted odd.. I just did not enjoy the flavour of this greek yogurt. Texture was good, as usual with Oikos yogurts. Will not be repurchasing.

Oikos Greek Yogurt Raspberry Pomegranate
I always thought that Greek yogurt would taste awful . But then a friend let me sample some of hers. I was surprised at the smoothness of it and the fruit flavors are wonderful