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Scentsy Reviews

Scentsy Wickless Candles
I love scentsy! They have tons of scents to choose from for the wax melts, I wish they had BBMB more often I'm in love with Jumpin'Jellybean at the moment. Our one warmer (4 blocks) smells up the whole house so that's a plus, also don't need to change melts everyday, the scent...

Scentsy "Layers" Body Lotion
This body cream is absolutely amazing! I use it all the time. It’s my #1 go to. They are true to their Scentsy scent! Smell like your favourite scent!

Scentsy soak
Scentsy soak

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Considering how much product you get for the price, the soaks are a good purchase. It colors your water without staining the bath, my skin feels soft and it has a very good amount of fragrance to it. The only one that kinda disappointed me was the Luna soak (barely scented, no...

Scentsy sugar scrub
They do a wonderful job. You might have to stir the product a bit with your finger before using it. Truly does make your skin softer and gets rid of dead skin. A tiny bit goes a long, long way. Up to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if my scrub lasts me a good 6 months...

Scentsy fragrance flower
First thing you need to know: DO NOT PUT THESE NEXT TO ANYTHING. THE OIL CAN MELT STUFF AFTER A WHILE! The warning is there for a reason. That being said, some flowers smell strong! Yay! Go go mango surprisingly fills up my bathroom! Amazon rain is also a good one. I've been...

you go girl scentsy bar
I didn't like the scent of this bar, it was really strong. I actually ended up taking what was left of the first bar out of burner. I believe this bar caused my allergies to act up.

Scentsy hand cream
It is hydrating! It worked faster than any other hand creams I've tried. Smells very similar to the wax bars. Highly recommend the Aloe water and cucumber one if you have a hard time with scented products. That particular fragrance doesn't last long on my hands however it smells...

Scentsy scent pak
Scent paks are great inside scenty buddies or in your drawyer with your clothes. We can also put it in a kid's plush backpack! Some scents last a very long time while others not that much (2 maybe 3 months). Hug in a mug lasts only two weeks. For now, I still recommend them BUT...

Scentsy Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar
This is one product I can buy over and over! The scent last a good while! I replace my scents 2x a week just to keep the smell going strong! But you definitely could do a scent change just once because there scent throw is amazing!!

Scentsy kitchen cleanser
I love Scentsy and this product is a “must have”! Available in many scents, and a great cleanser leaving your kitchen smelling great and looking good! If you’ve never tried a Scentsy product, this is a great one to begin with!

Scentsy dish soap
Ok so a consultant agreed to switch a few cleaning products for my old whiffs so I basically tried this for free. I would never have tried it otherwise even tho there's a lot of YouTube videos that say this is great but I mean that price for a bottle of dish soap sounds frankly...

Scentsy bar Christmas cottage
My favorite scent ever! I order 6 everytime they come back into stock! Two cubes in my large warmer makes my entire house smell exactly like Christmas growing up! Such a warm scent, with hints of cloves, cinnamon and Just Christmas!

Scentsy Johnny Appleseed wax bar
Smells like real, fresh red apple peels. Strong but last only a few hours (5-6hours) then it's just gone. It doesn't die down, its there a minute and gone the other. Highly recommended this scent in their cleaning line. Ça sent comme de vraies fraîches pelures de pomme rouge...

Scentsy standard burner antique cross
Love my new Scentsy burner. Very stylish, would go well in just about any room. Easy to use, just plug in and put some wax blocks in the bowl. It was a little expensive but I treated myself for my birthday.

Scentsy seashore bars. 3.2oz
Scentsy seashore is very much in my best describing is a very beautiful light scent. It can take you from having any kind of a negative feeling day or a real just ugh of a day and put you in a very much more positive and just enjoyable relaxing afternoon . I can not wait until I...