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Schmidt's Reviews

Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant
I tried the Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla natural deodorant and my initial reaction to it was good. The smell was not overpowering and the texture was nice. Worked well for keeping me feeling dry and fresh for most of the day. I like that it has no artificial salts or fragrances. As...

Schmidt's Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant
After trying many many many natural/aluminum free deodorants I found the Schmidt line up of deodorants. The first one I tried from them had baking soda as an ingredient, which caused irritation. Sadly I had to switch to another less effective brand until Schmidt came out with...

Schmidt's Aluminum Free Coconut + Pineapple Natural Deodorant for Women and Men
Love everything about this product. The smell,is amazing. It keeps working even when things are getting hot. I would definitely be purchasing this brand again. The price and value are well worth. it

Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant
Didn’t really help at all. I got super sweaty and smelled like an onion all day and I didn’t have anything to add on to my pits other than this which was disappointing to say the least.

Schmidt's Aluminum Free Sandalwood + Citrus Natural Deodorant for Women and Men
# freeSchmidt’s Tank you Sandalwood & citrus and . Coconut & Pineapple and.. I tested the 2 scents. With its antibacterial agents and its fragrances, the deodorant masks bad smells as well as eliminates the bacteria that are at the origin of them. I love that it's made with...

Schmidt's Jasmine Tea Natural Deodorant
Amazing product to use at 100% the times. It is the best. It is not greasy and blends perfectly with my type of skin. Also, the smell is great and so nice.

Schmidt's Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant
I was looking for something more natural to avoid continuing with chemicals on my body. This product works great however I have very sensitive skin and am unable to continue using.

Schmidt's Wondermint with Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
I Love this toothpaste it costs a little more then my regular stuff. But I find it is worth it. Even my kids who are 7 and 10 find its cool because it has charcoal and the mint is milder.

Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Natural Bar Soap with exfoliating natural bean
Is a great soup and has a great smell. Is worth the cost. Will buy this. Do buy it. Will recommend to my friends and family. A great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper Natural Deodorant
I have the cedarwood & juniper scent, which is DIVINE! Although it contains baking soda, it hasn't caused any irritation to my underarms (yet). The shea butter and coconut oil are very nourishing and the scent leaves you smelling nice all day long.

Schmidt's Ylang-Ylang + Calendula Natural Deodorant
I really would love a natural deodorant that works on sweat and odour. This deodorant is very thick and does not go on smoothly. It is very strong smelling and not pleasing scent, which left me wondering if others could smell the scent. It did not control odour as well as I...