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Snapple Reviews

Snapple Peach Tea
Snapple Peach Tea

101 reviews

This is my absolute favorite iced tea! The peach flavor is so perfectly balanced with the tea and both compliment each other without trying to overpower each flavor. This is always my beverage of choice when I'm out and about and need to tasty refreshment! There is really no...

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry
I have great memories of this drink! We’d always order it as kids whenever we went to the pizza shop. It’s so delicious and sweet! It’s too many calories now that I’m no longer a kid so I dilute it with a bit of water and ice cubes. Still yummy!

Snapple Lemon Tea
The lemon iced tea is so refreshing on a hot summer day, I don’t find it too sweet or sugary, the lemon flavour is my favourite, the right blend of lemon and black tea

Snapple Mango Madness Juice Drink
I'm a bit of a beverage junky. I love trying pop, juice, sparkling water, and so on. One day as I was doing my usual perusing, I saw this and I kinda giggled as I didn't know Snapple was still around. I actually bought it more for nostalgia, but I was in for a big surprise. This...

Snapple Half'N'Half - Lemonade and Tea
This drink is awesome. The taste is great. Got my co workers started on drinking it too. I would buy again and again. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. Thanks alot

Snapple Raspberry Tea
Is a little too sweet but still really good. Would recommend to anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to pure leaf, if you add a little water it helps

Snapple Diet Lemon Tea
I usually opt for unsweetened unflavored tea, but I love the taste of Diet Snapple Lemon Tea. Snapple Diet Lemon Tea is the only flavored tea I will buy. Highly recommend for a good tasting refreshing tea.

Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink
I wasn't always a big fan of bottled juices, this Snapple drink really surprised me, it was refreshing, definitely will buy again! Just wish they didn't use plastic for the environment.

Snapple Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink
This Snapple flavour is my fav. Had a great taste but isn’t too sweet. The pomegranate and raspberry mix very well and I’m so happy Snapple moves to plastic bottles

Snapple Diet Peach Tea
Thanks to Xystuff, my husband has been selected to try Snapple Peach Tea! The packaging is really nice and smart. The Peach tea is super tasty!Perfect to drink chilled during hot summer breaks! We literally love it!We already bought another one and now that we tried the Snapple...

Snapple Raspberry Peach Tea
I received my free coupon from the amazing people @ChickAdvisor. I chose the Raspberry Peach Tea, and omg it was amazing, it had so much flavour the raspberry was delicious and then you get the backup with the peach. An awesome combination, I immediately went back into the store...

Snapple spiked Rasp Cherry Tea Vodka
This is a great flavor explosion of raspberry and cherry, it leaves no aftertaste and has a great texture going down, good price and I love the hint of tea!

Snapple Spiked Peach Tea Vodka
I was never a huge fan of Snapple but then my sister-in-law gave me one to try and I've been purchasing them ever since. Vodka made it better lol. It's sweet with the right amount of vodka. Right amount of sweetness but still refreshing enough for a hot day.

Diet Snapple Singles To Go in Lemon Iced Tea
does not taste as good as the non diet version