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Snapple Reviews

Snapple Peach Tea
This is a great product with the Snapple taste you would expect. Sweet and refreshing with a definite peach flavour. My only gripe is the packaging. Plastics are incredibly bad for the environment and I don’t understand why the company is boasting about this change. Overall...

Snapple Lemon Tea
Picked this up to test out for free from #xystuff. I didn't enjoy the drink, I found it was heavy on the sweetener. Other then that, I think it would be a drink if buy.

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry
The flavour which I chose was kiwi and strawberry. It was refreshing with a nice taste of sour. I would have wished if it had less sugar content, but I would like to try the other flavours. Price wise, it is reasonably priced. The bottle being plastic made lighter to carry.

Snapple Mango Madness Juice Drink
I received a coupon for Snapple’s Mango Madness Juice Drink from chickadvisor. Thank you so much and it is so delicious and refreshing. It isn’t too sweet and has a nice tropical flavour. I’ve since bought a few more and my kid loves it too!!

Snapple Half'N'Half - Lemonade and Tea
Really appreciate the new lastic bottle, makes it easy to throw in a bag - not breakeable and lighter. The flavour is perfect... not overly sweet. I'll buy again. #gotitfree

Snapple Raspberry Tea
This product is delicious! I have already purchased thus product and will continue to do so. Great taste, great value, looking forward to trying the other flavors. Definitely a goid product

Snapple Diet Lemon Tea
I would definitely buy this again. It was not too sweet nor sour. It is a great alternative to regular snapple with a refreshing taste. Diet has never tasted so good.

Snapple Lemonade Juice Drink
I enjoyed this product and would definitely buy again. It's not too sweet like a lot of other drinks. It's same price as most individually sold drinks. It's great with ice as an adult beverage.

Snapple Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink
I am a huge ice tea drinker in the summer. I was thrilled when I received my free coupon to try the new snapple! I loved the flavour, very fruity. It definitely hit the spot during this hot early summer heat wave we are getting.

Snapple Diet Peach Tea
I tried the Snapple light peach ice tea. The taste did actually surprise me a little because I was expecting it to taste quite watered down. Nope! In my opinion it was just right. I will be purchasing this again because the price was reasonable as well. The reason I say its a...

Snapple Raspberry Peach Tea
I received my free coupon from the amazing people @ChickAdvisor. I chose the Raspberry Peach Tea, and omg it was amazing, it had so much flavour the raspberry was delicious and then you get the backup with the peach. An awesome combination, I immediately went back into the store...

Snapple spiked Rasp Cherry Tea Vodka
This is a great flavor explosion of raspberry and cherry, it leaves no aftertaste and has a great texture going down, good price and I love the hint of tea!

Snapple Spiked Peach Tea Vodka
I didn't even end up finishing this drink. Unfortunately, it was just not good. The mix of Snapple and alcohol is not for me. If you are a Snapple fan, and enjoy peach, they may be something to try, however I couldn't get it down.

Diet Snapple Singles To Go in Lemon Iced Tea
does not taste as good as the non diet version