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Alon Skin Regevenation Anti-Redness Serum Reviews
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    December 06, 2015

    Formula: The system comes with two bottles, a powder -- activating liquid -- which is mixed into the liquid bottle with the dropper. It has a watery consistency and a slight metallic scent. You need to be careful when applying it because of the consistency, it will run down the palms of your hands. Also, use chap-stick on your lips so the serum doesn't get on there because it will taste bitter. It is recommended that you use up the product within thirty days after unsealing the jar. It's easy to use and apply. For the first week you apply morning and night and after that only in the evenings. If your skin is super sensitive, you can apply once daily. I started off with 1X daily because my skin is sensitive but after 2 days I decided to go with 2X application for the week. I'm now at 1X daily since it dries my skin. While I have half way to go through the bottle, results are visible, although not as I expected. The discoloration spots are not gone but they have lightened up. The most prominent result is SMOOTHER skin. I feel like all the dead layers of my skin just peeled away! And I'm a person who is always using resurfacing masks and facial scrubs so that is saying a lot. I did experience slight tingling which lasts for mere seconds and there is initial skin redness that dissipates with each use. You will not see a miracle happen over night but if you stick with the program daily and over the months with continual use, you will see an improvement. Everyone's skin is different but these are my results. I know it's a big leap of faith because of the price point, but if it does not work for you, it's money back guaranteed!

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