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Art Naturals Scalp18 Coal Tar Shampoo Reviews
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    September 19, 2016

    For all the things it promised, I didn't get what I was expecting. I have thin fine hair and have been doing no-poo for almost two years because I hated how greasy my scalp would get after only a day after washing. In exchange for a clean scalp, however, the rest of my hair is now dry and damaged. I was hoping this product would be a good substitute as it is sulfate free, but it acts exactly the same as other shampoos - a disappointment on the second day.

    The smell is weird but not a huge deterrent (it shouldn't linger on your hair after you're done washing), and while it lathers better than the baking soda I do use it's not comparable to other shampoos in that regard (which is fine, it still provides enough to work it into the hair without overpowering anything). It did make my ends soft and I was finally able to comb the strands out with a bit less difficulty, but again that's something that I'd expect other shampoos to be able to do at a fraction of the cost.

    I'll still continue to use the shampoo just to keep my ends from being damaged (on day three the end are still soft and sleek), but I won't be putting it anywhere near my scalp. I was really hoping for a good product that would eliminate the need to wash my hair every day but unfortunately this isn't it. I didn't even get relief from the itching and dandruff, though that might require a longer trial period to test out. For what it does, the price is too steep and I wouldn't recommend switching over to this from a similar acting (and better smelling) shampoo. Perhaps other hair types would have better luck than me, but if you have a problem with oily hair 24h after your last wash then this product probably isn't for you.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and you can bet it's more accurate than the five star ratings you see here. I'm rating this as if I paid full price and over $20 for a shampoo that doesn't work better than the usual drugstore variety is unacceptable.

    EDIT: 1 week later: The longer I use this shampoo, the more it seems that the smell attracts bugs. I wouldn't have guessed it with how weird the smell is, but I've been bitten a few times along my hair line by mosquitoes. One would think that's a coincidence, but I also have to swat flies away constantly and they only go for my head or shoulders.

    EDIT: 1 month later: This product really weighs down my hair. Instead of being like other shampoos where I can get a full clean day from my hair after I wash, it doesn't even seem to last that long and day two is terrible. I haven't noticed any scalp itchiness since then, but it may be that I'm just used to it - I don't really use this shampoo on my scalp anymore so that can't be it and I can't speak to the continued use relief I mentioned earlier. It's just a dry end relief now, however I still have trouble combing through tangles anyway so I may discontinue use altogether.

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