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    July 01, 2016

    Not your typical dry shampoo, comes in a body powder shaker like Grandmas scented talcum powders came in. I found this to be the best dry shampoo I have tried so far, and I am an avid dry shampooer. it leaves my hair feeling soft, and the smell is light but amazing! There is no white residue left over. and it absorbs the oil quickly and effectively. It gives some body and volume, but not as much as any of the spray dry shampoos I have tried.
    I thought that the container would make it difficult to use, but its actually really easy, just make sure not to shake it too hard, but even if you end up using more than you'd anticipated, it still absorbs into hair, and doesn't leave a mess.
    Love it as a body powder! I use it on every hot day, everywhere, I mean everywhere! it stops any sweaty skin sticking to skin, boob sweat, back sweat, underarms, and bikini area. I honestly couldn't believe how much drier I was after using it, it seemed to absorb the sweat, but it didn't leave any chalky residue, just clear, soft, delicious smelling skin, and is pretty effective deodorant for those places that don't get sweaty unless it's really hot, I tried it in my pits without antiperspirant or regular deodorant, and while it felt nice, it didn't do much to stop body odor.
    I love this product, and can't wait to try all of the flavors!
    I found this product to be pretty spendy, especially compared to other drugstore brands. At $16.00 for 50 g (1.7oz) this is something I can only afford on occasion, and that makes me sad, because I love it!

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