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It doesn't matter what century it is. Democracy has its enemies, and from time to time those enemies need shooting at.With that in mind, Infinity Ward has taken its ever popular Call of Duty series out of the 1940s and World War II and into the modern era. You might have left behind the moral comfort to be had from knowing you're fighting Nazis, but now you get to play with all kinds of fancy modern doodads.Fighting as a U.S. Marine or a British SAS soldier, you'll travel the world, dropping into troubled hotspots through a twisting and turning story to defend truth, justice and…well, whatever qualifies as the American way these days.The DS version makes use of the touch screen and stylus to create unique ways to construct explosives, disarm traps and perform hand to hand combat. See, the stylus isn't just for performing cute puzzle-type tasks, it can be used to defend democracy too! ESRB: TeenCategory: Combat Game InfantryLanguage: Bilingual

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    May 02, 2016

    Best Call of duty game ever. So much time playing the single player, so many hours into multiplayer! Now they're remastering this game and giving it to players who preorder the new Call of Duty infinity warfare. Omg I know I will buy this game just so I can have this game remastered!
    Well played infinity ward, well played...

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